A word of caution, nothing on this page or on any other is written in stone.  It is the best possible transcription however, if you find your ancestor listed you should check the records for yourself.   My intention was to not make mistakes.   Having said that I must tell you that I'm sure that I did.

Entries included (if available)  are: Name of Soldier, Co. served in, length of service, disability, and where he got his mail in 1890.

1890 Special Census--Cedar County

P. O. Jericho/Jerico, unless listed otherwise.

Baird, David R., Co. A, 114th Ohio Inf., 3y,3m
Beckstell, William
Bennett, Hohn H.
Black, James M., Pvt. Co. H, 28th Ill. Inf., 8 Mar. 1865-21 Mar. 1866, 1yr. 12 ds
Boston, James F.
Brand, Samuel
Brasher, John H.
Breedon, Lewis-P O Filly
Cagle, James A., 1st Lt., Co. K, 2nd Mo. Art., Mar. 1862-Nov. 1865
Carter, Joseph B., Corp. Co. M, 1st Mo. Cav., 15 June 1863-17 July 1865, 2y, 1m,
Clark, Geo. M., Pvt. Co. M, 15th Kansas
Clark, Robert B.
Deardorf, Jacob R., Pvt. Co. H, 15th Mo. Cav.
Djal, Rebeckah, widow of ___? Djah
Dodd, John P., 99th, Ind. Inf.
Dodds, John W., Sgt. Co. H, 10th Ill. Cav., Dec. 1863-1 Jan. 1866
Eakin, James h., 13th Ind.
Easterly, B., Pvt. Co. D, 81st Ill. Inf., 1862-1865
Finch, Murry T., Co. C, 11th Mo. Cav., 1yr.
Foreman, Nathan
Grant, John E.
Hagar, John, P O Filey
Hagins, William B.
Hamby, Ezekiel, P O Filby
Hamm, Geo. T., Sgt. Co. D, 7th Mo. Cav., 1 Apr 1861-2 Apr. 1865, 3y.
Harris, Martin L., Pvt. Co. B, 5th Ind. Cav., 3y.
Heifner, Abraham M., Pvt. Co. J, 10th Iowa Inf., 30 May 1861-Sept. 1863, 2y, 3m, 8ds.
Herman, William, Pvt. Co. G, 21st Mich. 1862-1865
Higgins, Geo. P., Gun shot thru body.   
{{Note:  Pension information from 1874.  He enlisted Aug 30, 1861 at Indianapolis in Co B 7th regiment of the Indiana volunteers and served 3 years (out September 1864) 
He was wounded May 5, 1864, The documents that I have state that a musket ball passed through his right arm below the elbow and passed thru his body exiting out the left side.  The wounds were sustained during the Battle of the Wilderness.

His wife's name was Mary   He was married twice the first wife was Mary Daniel  01/28/1866 she died 01/24/1908
The second wife was Mary Reckley she was first married to William Brasher -he died 12/04/1908
<Mat9159 (AT)  aol.com>   Ethel L. Matney }}

Hill, William, Pvt. Co. C, 7th Mo. Cav., 1y, 6m.
Hollingsworth, Shelby, Pvt. Co. A, 21st Ill. Inf., 1862-1865, Montevalo, Vernon Co.
Hudgens, James, Pvt. Co. D, 81st Ill. Inf., 1862-1865
Hudson, John H.
Ingraham, Wm. J., Montevalo, Vernon Co.
K(R)ay, Theodore, Sgt. Co. H, 9th Ill. Cav., 3y.
Kindred, Zachariah, Pvt. Co. K, 1st Ky. Cav.
Kirksey, Elija
Martin, Charles L., Blacksmith, Co. D, 3rd. Ill. Cav., June 1861-Oct. 10, 1865, 4y,7m, 20ds.
Martin, Joseph P., P O Montevalo, Vernon Co.
McLeod, Joshua, Pvt. Co. B, 24th Iowa Inf., 1 Jan. 1862-25 Sept. 1865
Melcher, Casper
Mills, Charles R.
Moore, Jessie, P O Virgle City
Ogle, Anderson J., P O Montevalo, Vernon Co.
Orahood, John W.
Overton, Miles, P O Montevallo
Pennington, Joshua, Pvt. Co. B, 21st Mo., Dec. 26, 1861-1863
Phelps, Silas M., Pvt. Co. g, 45th Ill. Inf., 17 Sept. 1861-12 July 1865, 3y, 10m, wound head, left hand right breast, eye trouble, gallstones, kidney trouble
Pope, William A., P O Filby
Powell, George W., Corp. Co. H, 1st Mo. Cav.
Rice, James, 2nd Neb.
Saylo(?), Jefferson C., P O Montevalo, Vernon Co.
Schofield, James L.
Shepherd, Sara A., widow of James R., Pvt. 13th Mo. Det., 2 Jan. 1862-13 May 1866, 4y, 5m, 11ds.
Slusser, John B., P O Montevalo, Vernon Co.
Soash, James K., Pvt. Co. H, 21st Ohio Inf., 2 Sept 1861-19 Sept 1864, 3y
Solomon, Frederick, Pvt. Co. M, 8th Mo. Cav.
Steer, Henry
Stockstill, John, P O Filey
Stokes, Noah, Pvt. Co. A, 10th Ill. INf., 9 Aug 1861-31 Aug 1864, 2y
Stone, John, P O Filly
Straight, Milon J., Co. I, 132nd Ill.
Swingle, Harrison, 7th Mo. Cav., P O Filly, Cedar Co.
T(?)eed, Robert W.
Tingley, Henry, Pvt. Co. K, 154th Ohio Inf.
Walker, John E., P O Virgle City, Vernon Co.
Weirs, Marshall
Welsh, John, Pvt. Co. G, 10th Ill. Cav., 5 Sept 1861-6 Jan 1866
Williams, Newport, Pvt. Co. C, 6th Mo. Cav. June 27, 1861
Woods, William D., Gunshot in leg.
Woods, Robert, 11th Mo. Inf., 1861-1866
York, William C.
York, Wm. R., Pvt. Co. D, 98th Ill Inf., 1864-1865, 11m, P O Montevalo


Barnes, Lewis M., Pvt. Co. B, 2nd Ky. Cav. 1 Sept 1863-2 June 1865, 1y, 9m, 21da, Asthma,  P O Filby
Barnes, William A., Pvt. Co. C, 45th Mo. Inf., Aug 1864-3 July 1865, 11m, PO El Dorado Springs
Bowen, James K., Corp. Co. F, 44th Mo. Inf., 16 Aug 1864-15 Aug 1865, 11m, 29da, PO El Dorado Springs
Bowen, William U., As/Gen., 71st Mo. Inf., June 1862-1864, PO El Dorado Springs
Campbell, John, Pvt. 4th Reg. Ind. Cav.
Collins,Manuel, Pvt. Co. L, 2nd Mo. Lgt. Art., 21 Feb 1864-20 Nov 1865, 1y, 8m, 29ds, Pheumatic neuraglia, PO Virgle City
Conner, James F., Corp. Co. M, 15th Mo. Cav., 1 May 1864-3 June 1865, 1y, 2m. wounded
Cordry, William D., Pvt. Co. g, 1st Neb. Inf., 14 Oct 1861-31 Dec 1863, 2y, 2m, 17da, P O Virgil City
Crum, Daniel J., Sgt. Co. A, 107th Ill. Inf., 27 June 1862-27 June 1865, 3y. PO El Dorado Springs
Gossett, James F., Corp. Co. C, 4th Ohio Cav., 1861- Ruptured veins. Discharged on disability, P O Filby
Gossett, James F., Pvt. Co. C, 2nd U. S. Vet. Vol. Inf., 20 Feb. 1865-20 Feb. 1866, 1y, P O Filby
Gray, Solomon, Pvt. Co. I, 144th Ill. Inf., Oct 1864-25 July 1865, PO Lebeck
Harris, Lucretia A., widow of James T., Pvt. Co. A, 126th Ill. Inf., 31 July 1862-4 July 1865, 2y, 11m, 13da, PO Leback
Jackson, Abner, Pvt. Co. K, 15th Kan. Cav., 1 Oct 1864-19 Oct 1865, 1y, 19das, PO El Dorado Springs
Johnson, John W., Pvt. Co. E, 54th Ind. Inf., Apr 1862-Nov. 1862, 6m, PO El Dorado Springs
Kenney, Charles E., Pvt. Co. K, 55th Ill. Inf., 17 Oct 1861-30 Oct 1864, 3y, 13da, PO Virgil City
Liston, Elisha, Corp. Co. A, 7th W. Va. Inf. 1861-18 Aug 1862, 1y, 2m, Left leg injured, Discharged on Surgeons Cert., P O Virgle City
Luik, William F., Pvt. Co. A, 153rd Ohio Inf., 10 May 1864-20 Sept 1864, 4m, 10da, PO Filby
McAlexander, Milton, Pvt. Co. F, 16th Kan. Cav., 2 Feb 1864-Apr 1865, 1y, 2m, Wounded, Disch. on Surg. Cert., PO El Dorado Springs
McDuffie, Benjamin, Pvt. Co. E, 39th Ind. Cav., 27 June 1861-27 Setp 1864, 3y, 2m, Lame feet, PO Lebeck
Moore, John W., Pvt. Co. B, Inf. 1861- PO El Dorado Springs
Neves, Rezin, Pvt. Co. K, 12th Ky. Cav., 13 Aug 1863- PO Virgil City
Niblack, Jacob T., Pvt. Co. A, 11th Ky. Cav., 1865-Aug. 1865, 7m, Piles, PO Virgil City
Nicholas, James M., Pvt. Co. B, 10th Mo. Inf., 1 Nov 1861-7 June 1865, 3y, 7m, 6da, PO El Dorado Springs
Paul, Valentine, Pvt. Co. H, 1st Mo. Inf., 23 Apr 1861-17 Aug 1861, 4m PO Virgil City
Peckinpaugh, Stephen, Pvt. Co. C, 20th Ill. Inf. Sept 1864-May 1865, 6m, PO Filby
Peters, David S., Pvt. Co. F, 11th Ky. Cav., 19 Aug 1862-31 Aug 1865, 3y, 12das, PO El Dorado Springs
Phelan, Josiah R., Pvt. Co. A, 1st Ark. Inf., 14 Feb 1863-1 Mar 1865, 2y, 1m, Over heat., Disch. on surg. Cert., PO El Dorado Springs
Reed, William, PO Lebeck
Sallee, Frank, Pvt. Co. M, 15th Mo. Cav., 1 Nov 1863-30 June 1865, 1y, 8m, cronic diarrhea, rheumatism, PO Filby
Sallee, James, Pvt. Co. C, 45th Mo. Inf., 2 Sept 1864-3 July 1865, 10m, 1da, PO Filby
Schroder, Charles M., Pvt. Co. K, 105th Ill. Inf., 9 Aug 1862-26 June 1865, 2y, 10m, 14da, PO El Dorado Springs
Scott, Roy, Pvt. Ill. Inf., PO El Dorado Springs
Shaff, James F., Pvt. Co. G, 22nd Iowa Inf., 5 Aug 1862-25 July 1865, 2y, 11, 20ds, Asthma, chronic diarrhea, PO Filby
Shoemaker, John, Sgt. Co. I, 79th Ill. Inf., 14 Aug 1862-17 June 1865, 2y, 10m, PO Virgil City
Simmons, Sarah J. widow of  Alfred, Pvt. Co. B, 27th Ill. Inf., 12 Aug. 1861-20 Sept 1864, 3y, 1m 8da, chronic diarrhea,  PO Virgle City
Smith, Peter B., PO Lebeck
Snider, Daniel W., corp. Co. H, 50th Mo. Inf. 17 Oct 1863-25 Mar 1864, 1y, 6m, 8ds., Shattered leg, P O Virgil City
Snider, Elizabeth, widow of William, PO El Dorado Springs
Stephens, William L., Pvt. Co. D, 6th Ill. Cav., 16 Oct 1861-July 1862, 10m, Discharged on Surgeons Certificate, PO El Dorado Springs
Sullivan, John, Pvt. Co. J, 50th Mo. Inf., Jan 1865-4 Aug 1865, 7m, PO Dl Dorado Springs
Swift, Andrew M., Corp. Co. E, 11th Ky. Cav., 22 Aug 1862-24 Mar 1863, 7m, 2da, Heart disease, Discharged on Surg. Cert., P O Virgil City
Tharp, Jacob, Sgt. Co. J, 34th Ia. Inf., 15 Aug 1862-28 Feb 1863, 6m, 13d, Chronic Bronchitis, Discharged on Surgeons Certificate, PO Virgle City.
Umbarger, Joseph, Pvt. Co. e, 143rd Penn. Inf., 14 Sept 1863-12 June 1865, 1y, 8m, 8da, PO El Dorado Springs
Williams, James H., Pvt. Co. I, 94th Ill. Inf., 12 Aug 1862-12 Sept 1864, 2y, 1m, Liver complaint, Disch on Surg. Cert., PO El Dorado Springs
Williams, William C., Pvt. Co. C, 42nd Mo. Inf., 11 Aug 1864-28 Jan 1865, 10m, 17ds, Lung affection, PO Virgil City

P. O. El Dorado Springs unless listed otherwise.

Armstrong, Margaret A., widow of David, Pvt. Co. C, 33rd Iowa Inf., 10 Aug 1862-6Mar 1864.
Bolles, Wilson, Pvt. Co. D, 20th Ill. Inf., 22 Apr 1861-4 Jan 1864, 2y, 8m 12da.BR> Bolles, Wilson, Pvt. Co. D, 20th Ill. Inf.,, 5 Jan 1864-16 July 1865, 6m, 11da. Rheumatism & piles 1862 & 1864 from performing manual labor.
Blue, James, 2nd Lt. Co. F, 24th Ky. Inf., 10 Oct 1861-Mar 1863, 1y, 5m. Hemorrage of lungs, 1862. Very much disabled.
Boyer, Samuel J., Pvt. Co. G, 19th U. S. Inf., 7 Feb 1862-10 Feb 1865, 3y, 3da. Gunshot wound right lung & back resulting in spinal affection.
Brown, Peter L, Pvt. Co. M, 6th Mo. Cav., 6 Apr 1862-20 Apr 1865, 3y, 14da.
Campbell, Lucinda, widow of Samuel, Pvt. Co. A, Marshall at Vienna, Ill. during the war
Carter, Charles L., Asst. Surgeon, 6th MSM Cav., 1 Apr 1863-Oct 1863, 5m
Carter, Charles L., Act. Asst. Surgeon, U.S. Vol., May 1864-Nov 1864, 5m
Cassity, George W., Pvt.
Collins, Harvey, Absent, No record of service
Copple, Jacob, Pvt. Co. C, 11th Ill. Inf., 16 Aug 1861-15 Aug 1864, 2y, 11m, 29ds. Shell wound in left hip, 1864. Deafness, { } City, Mississippi.
Caton, Robert, Pvt. Co. G, 19th U. S. Inf., 8 Feb 1862-16 Sept 1864, 2y, 7m, 8da. Chronic diarrhea, piles, blindness
Davenport, Manson, Pvt. Co. F, 10{7}th, Ill. Inf., 15 Jan 1862-14 Sept 1864, 2y, 7m, 29ds.
Davenport, Manson, Pvt., 1st Neb. Cav., 1 Oct 1864-Nov 1865
Davis, Emanuel, Capt. Co. B, 6 service, 3 Oct 1861-3 Apr 1862, 5m, 27da.
Davis, Emanuel, Capt. Co. C, Ark. 4th Cav., 3 Apr 1862-18 Sept 1862, 5m, 15da. Partial sunstroke cause fever & heart failure, Total disability, under treatment.
Dove, George W., Pvt. Co. H., 26th Ind. Lt. Art., Sept 1864
Edgar, Charles A., Hosp. Steward, 32nd Ill. Inf., 8 Oct 1861-19 Oct 1862, 1y, 10das.
Edgar, Charles A., A.A. Surgeon Gen. Hospital, 1864-1865, 1y, 8m
Edwards, Edward E., Pvt. Co. H, 91st Ill. Inf., Aug 1862-12 July 1865, 2y, 11m, 28da.
Elliott, Jacob R., Pvt. Co. G, 49th Ill. Inf., 25 Oct 1861-1 Feb 1863, 1y, 3m, 26da. Surgeons Certificate of disability, slight paralysis right arm
Ewing, Joseph B., Pvt. Co. F, 55th Ill. Inf., 12 Oct 1861-31 Oct 1864, 3y, 19da. Deafness caused, single guns at Shiloh, also double hernia & chronic diarrhea, catarrah 20 years, No good any more.
Faler, Christopher C., Pvt. Co. H, 3rd Iowa Cav., Aug 1861-Aug 1865
Franks, Elizabeth M., widow of [ ] Franks, No record of service.
Goodwin, Wilson, Pvt. Co. C, 12th Kan. Inf., 22 Aug 1862-30June 1865, 2y, 10m, 22da., Discharged, expiration of service.
Graves, Durell C., Pvt. Co. D, Penn. Inf., McLean's Erie Regt., Apr. 1861-July 1861, 3m.
Graves, Durell C., Pvt. Co. H, 83rd Penn. Inf., Aug 1861-9 Feb 1863, 1y, 6m. Gunshot wound in hand, I claim half disabitity.
Halyard, William B., Lt. 16th Kan. Cav., 24 Nov 1863-Dec 1865, 2y, 1m
Harmon, Thomas, Pvt. Co. H, 57th Ind. Inf., 25 Oct 1861-1 July 1862, 8m, 5da. Discharged for disability incurred in service
Hawkins, Nicholas M., N/A, Enrolled in Mo. Militia, Absent, no record of service.
He[a]rndin, John S., Pvt. Co. G, 20th Ind. Inf., 3 July 1861-3 July 1864, 3y
Hess, Joseph, Pvt. Co. A, 8th Ill. Inf., 4 July 1861-15 July 1862, 1y, 14da
Hubbard, John, Pvt. Co. H, 27th Mo. Inf., 23 Sept 1861-20 Nov 1861, 1m, 27da
Hubbard, John, Pvt. Co. F, 5th Mo. Cav., 23 Dec 1861-31 Dec 1862, 1y, 7da.
Hubbard, John, Pvt. Co. L, 4th Mo. Cav. Vol., 31 Dec 1862-Jan 1863
Hutchinson, William S., 2nd Lt., Co. D, 17th Ill. Cav. Aug last 1863-1 Dec 1864, 1y, 3m. Left shoulder very bad causing {paralylasis} of shoulder joint (stiffening)
Ingram, Jonathan, Pvt., 8 Aug 1864-8 Aug 1865, 1y.
Kelly, George W., Pvt. Co. E, 2nd Ill. Cav., 8 July 1861-8 July 1864, 3y. Chronic diarrhea.
Kemp, William H., Pvt. Co. E, 8th Kan. Vol., 13 Sept 1861-31 Dec 1863, 2y, 3m, 18da.
Kemp, William H., Pvt. Co. E, 8th Kan. Vol. Inf., 1 Jan 1864-28 Nov 1865, 11m, 28da. Not a pensioner.
Knowlton, John D., Pvt. Co. D, 143rd Ill. Inf., 8 May 1864-26 Sept 1864, 4m, 18da.
Lewis, Nathaniel, Blacksmith Co. E, 79th Ind. Inf., 1862-1863
Lock, William C., Pvt. Co. B, 40th Ill. Inf., 25 July 1861-3 Nov 1863, 2y, 4m. Fever & chronic diarrhea, no good, generally run down. Scurvey contracted in army.
McClure, James, Pvt. Co. B, 1st MSM Cav., 27 Oct 1863-7 July 1865, 1y, 8m, 13das. Feet defective from log falling on them. In very poor health. Kedney affected.
McKee, John W., Pvt. Co. B, 25th Ind. Inf., 8 July 1861-2 Sept 1863, 2y, 1m, 24das. Severe rhumatism.
McKee, John W., Pvt. Co. B, 92nd Ohio Inf., 5 Feb 1865-20 July 1865, 5m, 15da
Mitchell, William M., Pvt. Co. K, 62nd Ill. Inf., 8 Mar 1864-6Mar 1866, 1y, 11m, 28da.
Moore, William, Pvt. Co. D, 123rd Ill. Inf., 9 Aug 1862-8 Nov 1862, 3m. Gunshot wound in hsp. & hand helpless. Totally disabled, cannot feed himself.
Morris, Wallace B., Pvt. Co. G, 71st Ill. Inf., July 1862-Oct. 1862, 3m.//Pvt. Co. B, 71st Ill. Inf., 18 June 1864-Apr 1866, 1y, 10m.//Pvt. Co. K, 114th Ill. Aug 1864- .
Nichols, James H., Pvt. Co. G, 3rd Mo. Cav., 24 July 1862-17 June 1865, 2y, 10m, 23das. 7/81 disabled.
Otis, Nathaniel, Pvt.
Parkison, Thomas M., Sgt. Co. E, 54th Ill. Inf., 16 Dec 1861-21 Jan 1865, 3y, 21das.
Peden, Hosea J., Pvt. Co. G, 13th Ky. Cav., 20 Aug 1863-20 Jan 1865, 1y, 5mo
Quigley Uncas J., Pvt. Co. G, 18th [ ] Inf., 2 Oct 1861-25 Dec 1863, 2y, 2m, 24 das., Chronic dysentery, nervous prostation & disability, PO Boonville.
Ratekin, James M., Corp. Co. C, 7th Mo. S.M., 28 Feb 1862-8 Dec 1862, 9m, 20da. Chronic diarrhea, cystitis & piles. Diarrhea very bad with fistula and Piles.
Richardson, John A., Pvt. Absent, no record of service.
Richardson Joseph A., Pvt. Co. B, 154th Ind. Inf., 14 Mar 1865-4 Aug 1865, 4m, 20da
Rigg, Marion, Pvt. Co. B, 7th Cav., MSM, 3 Apr 1862-4 Apr 1865, 3y, 1d
Ringer, Sarah A., widow of [ ] Ringer.
Roberts, George W., Capt. Co. F, 16th Wisc. Inf., 5 Jan 1864-12 July 1864, 6m, 7da.
Roshell, L. Wilcon, Pvt. Co.E, 135th Ohio Inf., May 2, 1864-Sept. 1, 1864, 3m, 29da
Rowely, Mary E., widow of John S. Powel, Mexican War
Ryan, Wiley J., Pvt. Co. F, 44th Mo. Inf., 3 Sept 1864-21 Aug 1865, 11m, 17da.
Sansom, George W., Pvt. Co. C, 61st Ill. Inf., 6 June1862-19 Oct 1863, 1y, 9m, 13da. Gangrene & ulceration of left leg-above the knee, contraction of cords in leg which is crooked and permanently disabled.
Scott, Emily, widow of Elijah Swearingen, Pvt. Co. G, 12th Ind. Inf.
Shaneyfelt, Joshua N., Pvt. Co. B, 168th Penn. Inf., 16 Oct 1862-23 July 1863, 9m, 7da.
Shaw, Knowles {blank}
Smith, Charles H., Pvt. co. D, 146th Ill. Inf., 3 Sept 1864-8 July 1865, 10m, 5 da.
Stearns, Alexander W., Pvt. Co. G, 11th Ill. Cav., Oct. 1, 1862-Aug 1, 1865, 2y, 9m
Stearns, Alexander W., Pvt. Co. F, 67th Ill. Cav., Apr. 1, 1862-Aug 1, 1862, 4m. Rheumatism & heart trouble-now very much disabled.
Stevens, William L., 2nd Lt. Co. D, 16th Ill. Cav., 3 Oct 1861-June 1862, 8m.
Vanvoras, Palmer, Pvt. Co. B, 16th U.S. Inf., 12 Aug 1861-10 Jan 1866, 4y, 5m. Gun shot wound of spine. Quite deaf. Irritation of spine, sciatica & rheumatism.
Willet, Issac, Pvt. Co. D, 9th N.Y Cav., 29 Aug 1864-30 June 1865, 10m, 2da., 1864 contracted inflammative rheum & other diseases. Totally disabled now.
Williams, Robert H., Pvt. Co. K, 34th Ind. Inf., 29 Aug 1861-14 Dec 1863, 2y, 3m, 15da.//14 Dec 1863-3 Feb 1866, 2y, 1m, 19ds.
Wilson, Phoebe, widow of Elijah E. Wilson, Co. G, 144th Ill. Inf., Record not obtainable
Wilson, Woodrow W., Pvt. Co. B, 75th Ind. Inf., 4 Jan 1864-2 July 1865, 1y, 6m, Malarial poison. Prostration
Wright Edwin, Corp. Co. D, 22nd Ohio Inf., Sept 1861-1862. Discharged on account of rupture
Wright, Richard W., Pvt. Co. B, 21st Ill. Inf., 22 June 1861-11 July 1864, 3y, 5m, 20da. Deafness & spinal trouble, catarrah, total disability. Deaf in one ear & spinal trouble still exists.
Wunnemaker, William H., Pvt. Co. A, 25th Ill. Inf., 1 Jan 1861-4 Sept 1864, 3y, 3m. Deafness, eyesight badly affected
Zumbourn, James S., Pvt. Co. F, 3rd Iowa Cav., 6 Aug 1862--, 13 Sept 1861-31 Dec 1863, 2y, 3m, 17da.
Zumbourn, James, S., Re-enlisted as Vet. Co. F, 3rd Iowa Cav., 1 Feb 1864-9 Aug 1865, 6m, 9da.


Baker, Christopher C., Pvt. Co. J, 134th Ind. Inf., 9 May 1864-2 Sept 1864, 3m, 7da. PO Lebeck
Bookout, widow of James, Discharge lost. PO Pleasant View.
Burns, William T., Pvt. Co. A, 49th Mo. Inf., 8 Aug 1864-4 Aug 1865, 11m, 24da. PO Balm.
Caffs, Benjamin F., Pvt. Co. J, 45th Mo. Inf., 13 Aug 1864-6 Mar 1865, 7m, 23da., Chronic Diarrhea, PO Pleasant View.
Causey, Martin W., Pvt. Co. J, 81st Ind. Inf., Feb 1864-Jan 1866, 1y, 11m., Bronchial, Effectin Pyles, PO Pleasant View
Cawood, william, Pvt. Co. F, 23rd Mo. Inf., Sept 1862-July 1865, 2y, 10m., PO Balm
Cecil, andrew J., Pvt. Co. A, 7th Mo. Cav., 10 Aug 1863-10 July 1865, 1y, 11m., Phistula, PO Balm
Church, Benjah, Pvt. Co. D, 1st U. S., 1 Nov. 1861-22 Nov 1864, 3y, 21da., Dislocation, ankle, PO Balm.
Cunningham, Merit, Pvt. co. H, 34th Iowa Inf., July 1862-Mar 1863, 9m., PO Pleasant View.
Darnell, William M., Pvt. Co. A, 49th Mo. Inf., 8 Aug 1864-2 May 1865, 11m, 24da., PO Pleasant View.
Davis, James, Pvt. Co. B, 15th U.S. Inf., 2 Sept 1861-22 Feb 1863, 1y, 5m, 20da. Loss of left eye. PO Pleasant View
Eslinger, Thomas L., Pvt. Co. H, 2nd Mo. L.A., 29 Jan 1864-20 Nov 1865, 1y, 8m, 2da. Lung disease. PO Lebeck
Ewing, Malisa widow of George, Pvt. Co. A, 18th Mo. Inf., 7 Aug 1861-13 Nov 1864, 3y, 3m, 6da. PO Balm
Foster, Francis M., Discharge lost, PO Pleasant View.
Graham, Samuel, Sgt. Co. E, 3rd Kan. Cav., 1 Oct 1861-23 Dec 1864, 3y, 2m, 22da., Gun Shot Wound, PO Balm.
Hart, Samuel f., Pvt. Co. J, Kan. Cav., Gun shot wound, PO Lebeck.
Johnson, Freeman, Corp. Co. F, 4th Mich. Inf., 16 May 1861-16 Oct 1865, 4y, 5m. Rheumatism & pyles, now deaf in right ear & partly left ear. PO Balm
Lunts, Sarrah, widow of John, Discharge lost, PO Balm.
Lusk, Lain S., Pvt. Co. B, 8th Mo. Cav., 25 Sept 1862-20 July 1865, 2y, 9m, 25da. Gun shot wound., PO Lebeck.
Martin, Robert E., Sgt. Co. G, 137th Ill. Inf., 12 May 1864-Dec 1864, 7m. Gun shot wound, now has Bright's disease of kidney. PO Balm
Maslin, William, Pvt. Co. G, 9th Mich. Cav., 5 Aug 1863-9 Aug 1865, 2y, 4da., Bronchitis, weak eyes, Pyles,PO Caplingers Mill.
McKee, James H., 1st Lt. Co. b, 92nd Ohio Inf., 1 Aug 1862-Jan 1865, 2y, 10m. PO Pleasant View.
Metcalf, Lewis F., Pvt. Co. C, 45th Mo. Inf., 1 Sept 1864-3 July 1865, 10m, 2d., Bronchial Trouble, PO Pleasant View.
Plank, William, Pvt. Co. G, 17th Ill. Inf., 25 May 1861-25 May 1864, 3y, PO Balm
Pugh, Andrew J., Major, 27th Mo. Cav., 12 Oct 1861-20 Jan 1862, 3m, 8d., PO Balm
Richardson, William M., Pvt. Co. F, 50th Mo. Inf., 10 Aug 1864-5 July 1865, 10m, 25da., Weak lungs. PO Lebeck
Rhiffs, Thomas J., Pvt. Co. B, 21st Ill. Inf., 15 May 1861-10 Aug 1862, 1y, 2m, 25da., Rupture, PO Stockton.
Schmidt, Magdaline, widow of August, Pvt. Co. G, 1st Mo. Inf., 21 Dec 1861-29 Dec 1864, 3y, 8m. PO Balm.
Shelton, Eli, Pvt. Co. E, 143rd Ill, Inf., 20 Aug 1864-20 Sept 1864, 3m. PO Balm.
Slies, John, Corp. Co. D, 3rd Wis. Inf., 19 Apr 1861-19 July 1865, 4y, 2m, 26da. Gun shot wound, Prisoner at Greensborough. PO Lebeck
Smith, James B., Pvt. Co. M, 15th Mo. Cav. 20 Mar 1864-30 June 1865, 1y, 3m, 5da., Gun shot wound. PO Lebeck
Smith, James, Elizabeth C. Chandler widow of James Smith, Pvt. Co. H, 2nd Mo. L.A. 29 Jan 1864-20 Nov 1865, 1y, 8m, 21da. PO Lebeck.
Soward, Stewart C., Pvt. Co. K, 34th Iowa Inf., 2 Sept 1862-2 Sept 1865, 3y., Chronic diarrhea, PO Balm.
Star, William, 6th Sgt. Co. M, 15th Mo. Cav., 30 July 1864-30 June 1865, 11m., PO Balm.
Warner, William M., Pvt. Co. E, 7th Mo. Cav., 9 Mar 1862-15 July 1862, 4m, 6da. PO Balm
Wells, William H., Pvt. Co. S, 11th Mo. Cav., Sept 1863-Sept 1865, 2y, PO Balm
Williams, John W., Pvt. PO Balm.
Wright, James, Pvt. Co. C, 113th Ohio Inf., 22 Aug 1862-22 June 1865, 2y, 10m., Rupture, PO Balm

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