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  Cedar County does love the sports.  This young lady was one of our basketball stars, Helen Bernice Brown Howard.  Thanks for the photo Jeannie,  the miyamas /at\ hotmail  /dot\ com.


   Mary Adeline (Inman) & Jerome Napoleon Gunier.  Submitted by Juvanne Martin,   Juvanne/at\earthlink dot net,  CG; Nampa, Idaho.

   Morgan Boys                                    Morgan Brothers 

Jesse Byron Morgan, b 11 Feb 1901 d 01 May 1975 Burial in Stockton Cemetery.
William Leo Morgan, b 14 Aug 1891 d 03 Feb 1976. Burial in Stockton Cemetery.
Lewis Morgan, b 06 Oct 1896 d 19 Oct 1989. Burial in Stockton Cemetery
John Harrison Morgan, b 17 Sep 1898, d 13 May 1975. Burial in Lindley Prairie Cemetery

Not shown in the second photo was:
Ortho Bron Morgan, b 20 Feb 1893 d 13 Apr 1936. Burial in Lindley Prairie Cemetery.

There was one sister, Zora F. Morgan, b 05 Jun 1890 d 15 Sep 1890, who died in childhood. Burial in Lindley Prairie Cemetery

The above were children of William Riley Morgan, b 08 May 1853 d 17 Apr 1917 and Laurinda Phillips, b 02 Aug 1864 d 10 Sep 1952.

Our thanks to Rex Perry,  grandson of William Leo,   rex/at\rexperry dot com


     Left to right front row: Mary Susan (Alkire)Tuckerb.1850, Alice Matilda (Dale) Tucker b. 1871,Donald James Tucker (sm. child) b. 1915, Mary Laura Tucker (Upjohn) b. 1907.
Back row: James Edward Tucker b. 1840, Rev. Charles Bethel, b.1878, James Washington b. 1873, L. Byron Tucker b. 1907.

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phillipcantrellfam.jpg (32913 bytes)       Written on the back, "This is our home.   L N this is your Eldorad springes home Does it look like it to you    Taken last Sunday  bee good."  Signed E. A. Cantrell

E. A. Cantrell aka Elizabeth Ann Adams Cantrell wife of Phillip Cantrell who raised their grandson, John Phillip Cantrell, Sr., born in 1880, Franklin Co., KS.  He was the son of, Silas H. and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mattico James Cantrell, divorced 1881, Franklin Co., KS.   E. A. and family moved to MO from KS around 1900.  

Elizabeth Cantrell died in 1924 in Ocean Springs Mississippi.  

(contributed by: Patti Cantrell, Marpactx

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William Chism came to Cedar County from Tennessee at a young age and married
Cynthia Ann Underwood, Aug. 31, 1882 in Bear Creek.  William was born in
Sumner Co., Tn about 1862.  Cynthia was born in Cedar Co. 18 Nov 1864.  They
had 11 children.  Both died in 1942 and are buried in Lindley Prairie
Cemetery.  Some of their descendants are still residing in Cedar County.
Submitted by:  Louise Chism, granddaughter
   Louisechism @

  Samuel Cox, b abt. 1790, Warren Co., KY

Mary Turner Cox, b abt.1795, Warren Co., KY

Thanks to Allice Burns Reynolds  AReyno5980@  for sharing these photos.

Charles R. Cox b: Apr. 12, 1836, Warren Co. Ky (married Dec 11, 1856, Callaway Co. Mo. 1) Nancy A. Freeman, b: abt 1840 Mo. d: abt 1882 Cedar Co. Mo. (married Mar 27, 1883 2) Lydia Mahala Collins (her first husband was Stall)


Charles & Lydia Mahala Cox       Addie Cox        Angela Cox        Betty J Cox, 1890-95   Beulah Cox   Charles Ote Cox   Charles Thos Cox  John R Cox    Juan P Cox - Ira Shurly  1928


John Jefferson and Arbell (RICKMAN) HARRIS, married in Cedar CO 14 Feb 1867.  Arbell was a daughter of Robert and Parthena (STRANGE) RICKMAN. 

   Lockwood, Dade Co., in 1927 when my mother's sister, Nancy Ellen (HARRIS) STRONG died.
My GF John Jefferson HARRIS and my mother, Effie Lee (HARRIS) GAULDING are seated.
In back row in order of their ages:
William Alfred HARRIS - Robert Henry  HARRIS - James Bradley HARRIS - Harda HARRIS -
Arthur Francis HARRIS - Austin Egel HARRIS
The last four named married Cedar Co. girls
James Bradley married Ruby MARSHALL
Harda married Ethel BROWN
Arthur married Lulu BARKLEY
Austin married Verdie I. (HOOTEN) HINDS

Harda and Arthur and wives are buried in Lindley Prairie Cemetery.


Thanks to William Gaulding,

This picture is taken in Linn Township about 1909 - 1910. Standing left to right: Cordelia Crawford Whiteside and Fidenia Crawford Fillpot (daughters of John Newport Crawford and Keziah Julian Crawford), Rowland Fillpot (son of Fidenia and Jim Fillpot), William Crawford (son of John A. Crawford), Charles Franzo Fillpot and Beatrice Fillpot (children of Fidenia and Jim Fillpot), John A. Crawford (holding corn stalk on the right - son of Keziah and John Crawford). Seated in front of her daughters is Keziah Julian Crawford (age 83). Standing in front of Beatrice Fillpot is Fannie Crawford (daughter of John A. Crawford).

J.E. Fillpot & Son store was located in El Dorado Springs in the early part of the 20th century.  The family moved to Oklahoma (about 1929)  J.E. Fillpot was Sheriff of Cedar County in 1901 & 1902. He went by the name Jim. The only people we can positively identify in this picture are in the center and to the right side of the doors. First is Minnie Miller Fillpot (daughter of William B. and Orlena Foust Miller), Franzo Fillpot her husband (and son of Jim Fillpot), Fidenia Crawford Fillpot (wife of Jim Fillpot). We believe Jim is the one standing in the door. Would love for someone to recognize the building and tell us where it is (or was).

Nancy Brown   gramckr


 3 generations of Carricos.  Circa early 1884. 
L-R Standing: Joseph Wm, Mary Belle (Hall) (Mrs. W. B.), Mary Ellen
        Seated     William Benj, Joseph B. JR, Eleanor (Goldsberry)
         Babes     Walter D., Gertrude Ethel, Ona


   William Hall, b 14 Jul 1821, Mercer Co., KY.  Mary Jane Ward Hall, b 10 Feb 1825, Mercer Co., KY.  Both are buried at Hall Cemetery, near their farm, Cedar Co., MO

Blaine Tingley  btingley


  George & Maria (Wood) Bigelow Family      George & Maria (Wood) Bigelow & children

  Maria (Wood) Bigelow

Shannon Smith  shanlsmith



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