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Connaway and the Ben Marshall Cemeteries are both located in Madison Twp., Cedar Co., MO.

Photo of B. A. Marshall and article about,  Martha Jane Marshall Gravely


Connaway,  Benjamin b.1790 d.1843--Father of Dennis Harper Connaway --[dh]




Connaway, Martha Harper (Marshall), wf of Benj. Connaway, d. Feb 6, 1864, aged               70y'rs.    (sister of Ben Marshall, mother of Dennis Harper Connaway.)--(dh)
Connaway, Rebecca (Tatom), D. Sept 11, 1852, age 23Y, 7M, 19D. (1st wife of               Dennis Harper Connaway, dau. of Richard and Levina (Hartley) Tatom.)--dh
Anderson, May F.                        1864 - 1964--[dh]
Frieze, William B.                        1864 - 1865--[dh]
Haywood, Mary F.                         1846 - 1854--[dh]
Marshall, Benjamin Alfriend, b. 13 Nov 1800  d.1883 (Uncle of Dennis Harper                       Connaway)--[dh]
Marshall, Nancy (Nance)  b.22 Mar 1804,  d. 28 Mar 1865. -[dh]
Marshall,  Peyton Samuel  b. May 18, 1829, d Sep 7, 1885--son of Benj. Alfriend,                  Marshall, Sr.--[dh]
Marshall, Rodah P. (Akard) wife of Peyton S. Marshall, b. Oct 17, 1841, d Feb 5,                 1911.--[dh]
Snodgrass, Commodore P.   d. 1863--[dh]
Snodgrass, Emily Florence   1868--1873--[dh]
Snodgrass, James M.    d. 1865--[dh]
Snodgrass, William A.   d. 1867--[dh]


 Nancy Nance Marshall tombstone.jpg (182945 bytes)     Ben's tombstone.jpg (229086 bytes)

   b. 22 Mar 1804  d. 28 Mar1865                     b. 13 Nov 1800  d.1883

Peyton Marshall tombstone.jpg (133540 bytes)               Rodah P. Akard Marshall tombstone.jpg (128399 bytes)

b. May 18, 1829, d Sep 7, 1885                b. Oct 17, 1841, d Feb 5, 1911

Rebecca's tombstone at Ben Marshall Cemetery.jpg (99279 bytes)                      Martha Harper Marshall Connaway tombstone.jpg (203409 bytes)         

Rebecca (Tatom) Connaway                    d. Feb 6, 1864, aged 70y'rs

d. Sept 11, 1852, age 23Y, 7M, 19D

Photos by Dan Honeycutt danhoneycutt

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