(Southwest Tribune, Oct 9, 1868)


To be a “registered” voter in 1868 Missouri, a man had to also be a “qualified” voter. To be a qualified voter, he had to take an oath that he’d “always been truly and loyally on the side of the United States against all enemies thereof, foreign and domestic.” The oath also had a passage about future allegiance.

When you see that a voter had been objected to, someone was questioning his allegiance to the Union. Having to be a qualified voter was meant to keep ex-Confederate soldiers or rebel sympathizers from voting. Therefore, not finding your ancestor on the following voter list is not proof that he wasn’t living in Cedar County in 1868.



Alkire, Michael S.
Barington, Calup
Barnes, William
Barnes, Michael
Bennington, Robert
Bennington, Washington
Beydler, Crafton J.
Black, George (T or L)
Bounce, Elet
Brashier, John E.
Brashier, George W.
Brashier, Thomas
Brashier, Isham
Brim, John A. R. *
Brim, James M. *
Briniger, John Brown,
William  Brown, *
Richard M. Brown,
Henry Brown
Caricos, Joseph B. *
Carter, Joseph B. *
Chandler, Paris C.
Cox, Charles A.
Cox, Samuel *
Davis, Elias
Estes, Robert
Fain, George W.
Fee, David
Ford, Martin
Gillaspy, Jasper H.
Gillaspy, James T.
Grooms, James C.
Grooms, Lorenzo D.
Grooms, William
Hamby, Ezekiel C.
Hester, Thomas (C. or G.)
Higginbotam, William B.
Hill, John L. *
Hollinsworth, Elias
Hudson, Thomas N.
Hughes, James
Hunter, John
Jackson, John M.
Kirgen, John
Manley, Benjamin
Manly, William
McDaniel, William H. *
McNeil, Robert
McQuaid, Austin
Moore, Jesse T.
Nelson, John W.
Oatman, Adolphus G.
Owens John A. *
Patterson, Robert *
Petty, Drewry
Pool, Robert
Porter, Matthew
Porterfield, Leander
Price, William
Rambo, Reuben
Reynolds, Samuel H.
Rhodebush, Noah
Rhodebush, Milton, L.
Rice, Samuel
Rice, Jasper
Rieson, Winston
Ringo, William
Robeson, Charles
Roberson, Charles S.
Shepherd, John W.
Shock, William R.
Smith, John J.
Snider, Peter B.
Stall, Gideon
Stockstill, James T.
Stockstill, John G.
Stockstill, Thomas
Store, Finis
Thompson, Jackson *
Thorp, Harris C.
Tindell, Daniel F.
Tucker, Joseph*
Vanderment, James
Walker, John F.
Welsh, James *
Whitehead, Thomas
Whitehead, James C.
Wilkerson, William F.
Wilkins, Milton
Williams, Edward
Williams, Anderson
Wilson, David H.
Wood, George