(Southwest Tribune, Oct 9, 1868)


To be a “registered” voter in 1868 Missouri, a man had to also be a “qualified” voter. To be a qualified voter, he had to take an oath that he’d “always been truly and loyally on the side of the United States against all enemies thereof, foreign and domestic.” The oath also had a passage about future allegiance.

When you see that a voter had been objected to, someone was questioning his allegiance to the Union. Having to be a qualified voter was meant to keep ex-Confederate soldiers or rebel sympathizers from voting. Therefore, not finding your ancestor on the following voter list is not proof that he wasn’t living in Cedar County in 1868.


Ackason, Wm.
Amous, Geo.
Arthur, Eli C.
Ashmead, Chas. H.
Baum, Gabriel
Beckelhamer, Aaron
Beckelhamer, Wm.
Beers, Moses
Begley, Elijah
Begley, John
Bishop, Edw.
Bond, Wm
Boneback, Golios
Bourland, Joseph C.
Bradford, Joseph
Bradford, Ezra
Brown, Micajah
Buckhart, Mathias
Campbell, Joseph *
Carter, Jno. W.
Clelland, Irwin D.
Clelland, Enoch
Clelland, James
Coffman, Greenbery
Collins, Manuel
Collins, Jospeh
Collins, Wm.
Collins, John
Connor, Wm. E.
Conyers, Robert R. *
Cox, Robert
Dale, Thomas A.
Davison,  Jas. T.
Dawson, Wm. E. 
Deacon, Joseph 
Dearing, Wm. 
Dening, Humphrey
Deshen, Wm.
Dial, Anthony T.
Dial, Jas. D.
Dulkes, Jacob
Dunaway, Geo. W.
Eason, Calvin W.
Eason, James
Edleman, Jacob, Jr.
Edleman, Jacob *
Elliot, Chas. C.
Fieldier, Sam'l C.
Fox, David
French, Thos. S. *
Giles, Geo. W.
Gosh, Chris C.
Greenstreet, Thos B.
Greenstreet, Jasper N.
Greenstreet, Jas.
Greenstreet, John J.
Haines, James R.
Hall, Moses
Halsey, Newton J.
Hanly, Benj. H.
Hartly, Amos
Hartzell, Abram
Henderson, Jas.
Henery, Dennis
Hetherly, Wm.
Holt, Jesse
Hubble, Chas J.
Huff, Ferdinand
Humphry, Alex J.
Jackson, Andrew B.
Jenkins, Zach T.
Jenkins, Wm. P.
Johns, Wm.
Johnson, Anderson
Johnson, Wm.
Kelley, Patrick
Kelley, John
Kenney, Chas. E.
Kidd, Benj. Sen.
Kidd, Benj. Jr.
Kinnear, Joseph H.
Kinnear, Gameliel D.
Latten, Joseph S.
Laughlin, Sam'l D.
Lewis, John
Long, John L.
Long, Palemon W.
Marquis, Geo. W.
Marshall, Jared
McAlexander, Wm. T.
McCoy, Hiram
McFarland, Jas
McFarland, Jas P.
McFarland, Sam'l F.
McMillen, David B.
Mogan, John
Moore, John E.
Moore, Geo. P.
Moore, Benj. B.
Morton, John H.
Morton, John
Myers, Fred
Neighbours, Wm.
Noble, Rob't.
Oatman, Jas R.
Oswald, Israel
Parr, Wm. H.
Paul, Valentine
Peckenpaugh, Step.
Potts, Joseph
Reece, Peter H.
Ring, John A.
Rodman, Sam'l
Rupord, John
Salle, James
Sallee, Franklin
Seitz, William
Seitz, Anthony
Sherman, John
Shirk, Frank
Sisten, Jno. R.
Slabaugh, Henry
Stanhope, Geo. W.
Steer, Henry
Stone, Wm.
Tatman, Sirledon
Thedford, Nicholas
Thorp, Jacob
Vandenburg, Abram
Vaughn, Marmaduke
Vaught, Jno.
Wallis, Alfred
Ward, Pharis *
Ward, Jordon
Ward, Bartho *
Ward, Jno. W.
Watson, Sol.
Welch, Wm. L. *
Williams, Wm. D.

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