Cemeteries in Cedar County

In Benton township, Anna Edna; Brasher; Clark; Darsah; Deardorff; Greenfield; Hall, Hamby; Old Hamby; Lacey; Mt. Zion; Oatman-Roupp; Oldham; Pierce; Sandridge; Sehurn; Silas Clark; Stockstill; Stone; Walnut Grove.

In Box township, Clintonville, El Dorado Springs; French; Martin; Reese; Pleasant Ridge; White Hall; Wright; Vandenburg (formerly Macedonia).

In Cedar township, Burns; Coal Hill; Eslinger; Hackleman; Hazel Dell; Herriman Chapel; Lebeck; Love Mound; Malcolm; Marquis; Mound; Moore; Preston; Tennessee.

In Jefferson township, Alder; Baker; Blore; Cravens; Draper; Hudson; Jennings; Keech; McConnelly; Simrell, Sutherlin; Trent; Walker.

In Lynn township, Cedar Gap; Chaney; Gum Springs; Hickman Farm; Hopewell; Hunter-O'Connor; Liberty; Loveall; Musgrave; Noffsinger; Omer; Pankey; Ross; Satterfield or Sadderfield (later known as Edsall); Steward; Stamps; Stockton; Thornton; Waggoner; Wiley; Woodford-Frieze; Younger.

In Madison township, Bethel; Butler; Dale; Gordon; Hartley; Lindley Prairie; Morgan; Mt. Gilead; Oliver; Toliver; Montgomery; Mt. Carmel; ? Name.

In Washington township, Allen; Caplinger Mills; Hickory Grove; Horn; Mayfield; ? Name; Old Union; Preston; Simrell.

Feature Name St County Name Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
(This list is not complete)

Anna-Edna Cemetery, Cedar--373643N 0940004W--Jerico Springs

Brasher Cemetery, Cedar--373820N 0940134W--Montevallo

Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Cedar--373959N 0935530W--Wagoner

Cedar Cemetery, Cedar--374155N 0934605W--Stockton

Clintonville Cemetery, Cedar--375057N 0940047W--El Dorado Springs South

El Dorado Springs Cemetery, Cedar--375303N 0940143W--El Dorado Springs North

Eslinger Cemetery, Cedar--375147N 0935323W--Filley

French Cemetery, Cedar--375116N 0935936W--Filley

German Cemetery, Cedar--373541N 0940040W--Jerico Springs

Gordon Cemetery, Cedar--373731N 0934520W--Stockton

Greenfield Cemetery, Cedar--373452N 0940114W--Jerico Springs

Hackleman Cemetery, Cedar--374844N 0935137W--Caplinger Mills

Hall Cemetery, Cedar--374028N 0935936W--Wagoner

Hamby Cemetery, Cedar--374354N 0935733W--Wagoner

Hartley Cemetery, Cedar--373559N 0934002W--Bona

Liberty Cemetery, Cedar--373605N 0934738W--Crisp

Love Mound Cemetery, Cedar--375255N 0935141W--Roscoe

Malcolm Cemetery, Cedar--374607N 0935554W--Filley

Martin Cemetery, Cedar--375337N 0940130W--El Dorado Springs North

Mound Cemetery, Cedar--374649N 0935521W--Filley

Noffsinger Cemetery, Cedar--373722N 0935345W--Cedarville

Oldham Cemetery, Cedar--374047N 0940139W--Montevallo

Omer Cemetery, Cedar--373548N 0935422W--Cedarville

Pankey Cemetery, Cedar--374416N 0934939W--Stockton

Parker Cemetery, Cedar--374523N 0934818W--Caplinger Mills

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Cedar--374853N 0935856W--Filley

Preston Cemetery, Cedar--375003N 0934813W--Caplinger Mills

Preston Cemetery, Cedar--375306N 0935422W--Tiffin

Reece Cemetery, Cedar--374803N 0940109W--El Dorado Springs South

Ross Cemetery, Cedar--373638N 0934712W--Crisp

Sand Ridge Cemetery, Cedar--374426N 0935954W--Wagoner

Simrell Cemetery, Cedar--374708N 0934213W--Arnica

Tennessee Cemetery, Cedar--375022N 0935346W--Filley

Vandenburg Cemetery, Cedar--375208N 0935915W--Filley

Virgil City Cemetery, Cedar--374539N 0940458W--El Dorado Springs South

Walnut Grove Cemetery, Cedar--374350N 0940408W--Montevallo

Whitehall Cemetery, Cedar--374607N 0940226W--El Dorado Springs South

Wright Cemetery, Cedar--374605N 0935905W--Filley

Cities, Towns and Villages

Stockton is the County Seat and is near the center of the county.  El Dorado Springs is the largest city in Cedar County and is located in the extreme northwest corner of the county. Jerico Springs is the third town in size and is located about 16 miles southwest of Stockton. Once several other small prosperous villages flourished in Cedar County as well; Arnica (Fincastle), Bear Creek, Cane Hill, Caplinger Mills, Cedar Springs, Clintonville, Filley, Hartley, Lebeck, Ivy, (Akard) Owen's Mill, Virgil City, Wagoner, White Hare (Omer). Country stores were scattered through out Cedar County.  Some of the better known ones were, Graceland, Umber, Masters, Mola, Centerville, Meadow, Pleasant View, Sexton, Sandridge, Olympia and Williamsburg.

Townships:  Benton, Box, Cedar, Lynn, Madison, Jefferson and Washington.

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