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BAILEY, Joseph R Janet Pease
BARKLEY, Joseph Cathy Ann
BAYS, Joshua Patricia Bays
BEARDEN, Joshua G Fred Rose
BELCHER, John M Mary Weller
BLAKE, James McBride Karen Lea (Gordon) Noland
BLAKE, Thomas Jefferson Karen Lea (Gordon) Noland
BROWN, William M Jeannie Miyama
CALDWELL, James Nathaniel James Leonard
CALDWELL, Rubin Pritchett James Leonard
CARVER, Thomas Jefferson Fran Black
CASEY, Thomas Jasper James Leonard
CLAYTON, James Asbury Charles Clayton Hutchins
COX, Charles R

CRAWFORD, James Benjamin

Allice Burns Reynolds

Melanie Crawford

CRAWLEY, David Nelson Linda Maples
CROCKETT, James Patterson Bob Routh
GORDON, Donald B. Karen L. Noland
GREGORY, Hugh Clesa Reeves
HICKLIN, John William Linda Moore Riddle
HOPKINS, James Thomas Kenneth Wayne Wilkinson
HORTON, John Henry Cindy Horton Kooistra
HUDSON, Atha Gregory Ginette VandenOever
INGLISH, Thomas Pat Lefors Dawson
INGRAM, Charles Gerri Ingram
JOHNSTON, Thomas Allen lucygrace johnston garceau

JONES, Charles T.

Kay Griffin Snow

KELLER, Alfred Linda Maples
KELLER, Daniel Linda Maples
KELLER, Elijah "Eli" Linda Maples
KELLER, Lewis Marion Linda Maples
KELLER, Nicholas Linda Maples
KENNEDY, John A Charles Clayton Hutchins
LEE, Paul Bryan Sharon Durham
LEONARD, James Henry James Leonard
LEONARD, Rubin Harvery James Leonard
LEONARD, William Finis     (wife #1) James Leonard
LEONARD, William Finis      (wife #2) James Leonard
LEWIS, James H Peggy Bruce
LONG, Daniel James Margaret Gough
LONG, David Edward Margaret Gough
MANN, Warren R Patsy (Mann) Holtz
MCALEXANDER, Milton Lee Carol Leibold
MCMILLEN, James M       (wife 1) Linda Maples
MCMILLEN, James M       (wife 2) Linda Maples
MCMILLEN, James M       (wife 3) Linda Maples
MCMILLEN, Michael Green Linda Maples
MCCORMICK, William Leslie Larsen
MONGER, David Atchison Connie Maupin
MONGER, Homer Connie Maupin
MONGER, Thomas David Connie Maupin
NEELY, Dock Talmadge Sarah Neely
PECK, John Jennifer Thornton
PERKINS, Samuel Henry Pat Perkins
PHIPPS, John Burnet Janet Hastie
POORE, Peter Janie (Head) Reasnor
POWELL, William Cashaway Pam Hill
REEVES, Harden Jackson Clesa Reeves
REEVES, Henry A Clesa Reeves
REEVES, Reuben A Clesa Reeves
REEVES, Willis Howard Clesa Reeves
RICHWINE, William Ralph Richwine
RINCK, Thomas Jefferson Mary Rink Harbinson
SALLEE, George Washington James Leonard
SALLEE, John Robert James Leonard
SHAW, John Wesley Linda Maples
SHAW, Lewis Monroe James Leonard
SHERWIN, Sidney Orville Jo Rice
SHIELDS, Robert Daniel Donna Sherron
SMITH, Obediah Gary Smith
SMITH, Peter Booth Gary Smith
SMITH, Reuben Andrew Gary Smith
SUMNER, Charles Logan James Leonard
SWAGER, John J. Longley
SWAGGERTY, James Buchannan Linda Maples
TAYLOR, James Greg Taylor
TERRELL, Clyde Ernest *Unknown*
THOMAS, Benjamin Perry Kristin Thomas
TUCKER, Granville   Dona Marie Tucker
TUCKER, James Edward Dona Marie Tucker
TUCKER, James Washington Dona Marie Tucker
TUCKER, John R Dona Marie Tucker
TUCKER, William Thomas Dona Marie Tucker
UNDERWOOD, James Peter Wes Underwood
WALKER, Benjamin Franklin Diane Jones
WARD, William Carol Leibold
WARD, William Edward Carol Leibold
WYATT, Milton A. Sharyn & Verell Wyatt

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