Early Settlers

Andrew Jackson was president of the United States, and John Miller was the governor of Missouri when the first settlers arrived here in 1832.  They were (so far as can be determined) Robert Graham, Thomas English, John Crisp, and a Mr. Crump.

Among those who had entered land by 1839 in the territory surrounding Stockton were: Thomas English, Reddin Crisp, John W. Sheppard, James Miller, Jacob Miller, Erwin Wilson, Solomon G. Crank, Matthias Williams, Leonard Wintermole, Lindsey Bowman, Abraham Berger, Hezekiah Harryman, Henry L. Davis, David Welch,William Welch, James Hornbeck, Mason Crabtree, Nathan Parker, William Ainsworth, Obadiah Smith, Anderson Morton, William L. Gordon, Mitchell E. Gash, Daniel Dale, James Gordon, Robert Williams, John G. Williams, James MacDowell, Andrew MacDowell, Ezra Hamor, William G. Powell, Campbell English, Christopher J. Lamberton, Oliver P. Gash, Reuben J. Gash, Alexander McWilliams, William Denson, John P. Campbell, Charles A. Haden, John Bullard, Eli Roberts, Andrew J. Snodgrass, Stephen May, Thomas Eslinger, and Stephen Hodgin.  (This is not a complete list of inhabitants but of those who had entered land.)