Cedar County Marriage Records

These Cedar County marriage records have been contributed by researchers if you have marriage records you would like added to this list, then please send them to me by Email

Note: Cedar Co. marriage records are located in the Circuit Clerk and  Records office, Cedar County Courthouse, Stockton, Missouri.

Robert Allen RAY to Marie Nancy O'BRYANT on Mar. 19, 1840--(GR)
Jesse Foster STEWARD to Caroline ROBINSON, 1843--(LSP)


Felix COX, Sarah O'BRYANT,  5 June 1845 by Samuel W. McConnall, J.P., page 1
Asa H. KENNEDY,  Martha Jane EARP, 22 June 1845 by ___  Jones, J.P., page 1
F____ McKENNA,  Elizabeth COX,  22 April 1845 by John b. Ingram, J.P. page 1
William CAHSAY?,  Nancy HADGANS,  27 Mar 1845 by Obadiah Smith, M.G., page 1
Thomas BARETTE,  Elsay LINDLEY, 30 Oct 1845 by J. H. Mulkey,  page 2
______  _______, Chany A. HEARTLY,  13 Feb 1845 by J. H. Mulkey, page 2
Newton C. IRWIN,  Rebeca BAKER, 11 Mar 1845 by J. H. Mulkey, page 2
Riley SHERRELL,  Susan C. DAVISON, 13 June 1845 by J. H. Mulkey,page 2
William COALTON,  Huldy GIST,  12 July 1845 by J. H. Mulkey, page 2
Herman PRIVETT,  Martha WILLIAMS, 9 Nov 1845 by John B. Ingram, J. P. page 2
Jesse FOWLER, Sarah RICHASON, 30 Nov 1845 by J. M. Frazier, J.P.page 3
George R. ELIOTT,  Catherine COWAN, 17 Dec 1845 by Isaac B. Ricketts,  page 3

CHESHER, James P. to Mrs.Susan MCCONNELL,7 Apr 1846 by D. R. Murphy, M.G., page 6   (SM) (IC)
, William married Mary YEARNEAL on Sept. 30, 1846  (SB)

I do certify that I did solemnize the rites of matrimony on the 20th day of May 1847. Between George H. WILCOCK and Mary SWINGLE this 10th day of June 1847. R. Tatom J.P. Filed June 4th 1847. Joseph Allen Clerk. By J.E.Harley -(LDW)

MAXWELL ,Samuel H. to Martha J. CONNAWAY, Jan. 13, 1848  (RJ)  

STEWARD, Andrew Steel to Emily MOORE, 9 Mar. 1848   (LB) 

CLARK, Absolom to Polexna (?)  Aug. 20, 1848 --[FCD]

NEELY, John to Sarah TAYLOR, 20 Mar 1849, Bk A, p. 27    (SS)

PARKERSON, W. G. - Miley Jane CHESHER, 26 July 1849--(IC)

MURPHY, Mark to  Miss Priscilla CORDELL, 31 Mar 1850, by Simpson S. Beckley M.J. page 35.      Filed 1 Apr 1850, S.C. Edge Dep. Clerk (JS)

WILCOX, Isaiah to Miss Sourana SPENCER, 26 May 1850, by D.R. Murphy, M.J. page 35. (JS)

, James to Evalina MCCONNELL, 30 Jan 1851 by John B. Ingram, J.P., page 43 (SM)

, Sampson to Sarah NEELY, 3 Dec 1851 by John B. Ingram, J.P., page 48 (SM)

[HEISLER], William to Martha MCCONNELL, 4 Dec 1851 by John B. Ingram,J.P., page 49 (SM)

THORNTON, William to Elizabeth Ann EDMONDSON, 18, July 1852,  Bk A, pg. 51  (KT)

CAPLINGER, Samuel to Mary MCCONNELL, 2 Sep 1852 by John B. Ingram, J.P., page 54 (SM)

THORNTON, Samuel to  Jane MADY, 6, Feb. 1853,  Bk. A,pg.58 (KT)

CLARK, Sarah C. to David HILL,  Mar. 10, 1853--[FCD]

Jacob  to Sally KENNEDY - 15 Jan 1854 by Wm H. Curl, JP.  Recorded on 27 Mar 1854  Book A, Page 65    (PDS)

RAY, Charles - Amanda CHESHER 23 Sept 1854--(IC)

BRIDGES, Lawson to Ann Catherine WHITE, 18, Jan. 1855, Bk.A, pg. 74 (KT)

ROBERSON, Charles to Saludy A. ROBERSON, 6 Sep 1855 (note surname was usually spelled Robinson) (DB)

William F. - Elizabeth A. CHESHER 3 Jan 1856--(IC)

THORNTON, William Campbell to  Minervia Lane LOVEALL, 8, July 1856, Bk.A, pg. 92 (KT)

JOHNSON, William R. to Elizabeth MCCONNELL, 12 Mar 1857 by H. Brasher, J.P.,
page 101 (SM)

HUDSON, Thomas to Miss Ruthy PEARSON on the 3rd day of April 1858. (LS)

BURFORD,  Preston W. to Elizabeth A. HORNBECK, md 8 Apr 1859. by H. BRASHER, J.P., recorded by same on 26 Apr 1858 (ASB)

MANN, Charles to HOSEY, Julyan, 03 Oct. 1858, by Asa Kennedy, JP--(DH)

HOSEY, Thomas to STUBBLEFIELD, Nancy M. J., 24 Dec. 1858 by Asa Kennedy, JP  (DH)

JONES, Thomas to Martha E. M. HARRILSON, 30 June 1859, By Thomas W. German, MG

Ira of Dade Co. to Elizabeth REY(?), 7 Sept 1859 by G. w. Murphy, Minister.  Bk. A, p 147

ROWDIN, Allin to Agnes THORNTON, 11, Sept. 1859, Bk. A, pg.147 (KT)

UNDERHILL, Isaac to Ann CAPLINGER, 15 Sept 1859, Bk A, p 147 by Saml. Simrell, J.P.

EZELL, David to Sarah MCCONNEL, 29 Sep 1859 by F. Dunnegan, J.P., page 152 (SM)

HAMBY,  Isiah to  Martha M. A. HILL, 16 Feb 1860, Peter Osborn, Acting J.P., page156 (VP)

BROWN, Issac Newton to Mary Elizabeth THORNTON, 14, June 1860, Bk A, pg.167 (KT)

BEARDEN (BIRDEN), Joshua G. to JONES, Sarah Emily, 19 July, 1860-(Joshua's Military Pension File)--(FR)

LOVEALL, Mr. Benjamin F.  and Miss Eveline Frances ROUTH, Sept. 9th 1860, Book A Page 172  (JC)

THORNTON,Joseph L. - Martha C FLEEMAN, 18,Sept. 1860, Bk. A, pg. 175 (KT)

NEELY, William C. to Nancy CAPPS, Feb 10, 1861-(N)

,Thomas P. married Sarah Elender SIMMONS in 1862--(CS)

.Isaac to Mary M. WALL, 18 Jan 1862, Bk A, p 210. By H. Fleeman, J.P.--(LS)

THORNTON,Samuel - Charlotta WAGNER, 20, Oct. 1864,Bk. A, pg. 204. (KT)

, John to Sarah THOMPSON, 26 Feb 1865 by Wm. Hulston, J.P., page 206 (SM)

FOX, Silas to Margaret FOX,  15 Apr 1865 by Thomas J. Fox, J.P.  Bk A, p210

B. F. to Mary EDGE, 27 Apr 1865 Bk. A, p 210 by Jacob Findley, MG

, Benjamin W. married Sarah B. HUMBARD, 16 April 1865, Bk A, p 210, by Thomas A. Fox -(LS)

AKINS, Nathan to Mary E. TINDLE, 23 Apr 1865, Bk A, p 210, by Thomas A. Fox, J.P.

GIDEANS, James to Mary Ann PENICK, 8 April, 1866, Bk A, p 221--(LHE)  

BROYLES, David M.  to Missouri E. HUMBARD, 26 April 1866--(LS)

, Jacob McClellan to Sarah Elizabeth HUNT, 20 Jan 1867--(RVW)

CLARK, Jonathon to Mary W. O'CONNER,  Oct. 27, 1867--[FCD]

HOSEY, George A. to MOONEY, Sarah A., 16 Feb. 1869, Page 317 (DH)

STEPHENS, Jesse B. to Cyntha Ann PINNICK, 21 Mar., 1869  Bk A, p 295--(LHE)

CLARK, James M. to Elizabeth Ann O'CONNER, July 11, 1870--[FCD]

STEWARD, William M. and Mary Jane COX on 29 Aug. 1870 at the residence of Daniel COX.--[KF]

HAMMONS, James Clayton married Adeline JONES, 13 Mar 1871--(CS)

GEORGE, Ruel R. to Rachel A. HOSKIN, 29 Apr 1871, Bk E, p 228--(JG2)

HUBBARD, Edmond C. and Margaret L. THOMPSON, 24 Dec 1871 by Morris R. Mitchell--(KHT)

HAMMONS, James Clayton married Mary Angeline PHILLIPS,  1 Sept 1872--(CS)

MARQUIS, Adonijah C. to Hadassen ELLER, 30 June 1871, p. 387-- (JW)

PINKMAN,Samuel to Nancy Catherine NEELY, Oct 12, 1871-(N)

GUNIER, Charles and Sarah Elizabeth GRAVES, both of Cedar County, Missouri, were married 26 October 1871 by H.Hubbard, Minister of the Gospel.  Witnesses were Mary A. GRAVES, (mother of the bride) and Thos TILLMAN.  Filed 3 Nov. 1871--J.R. Owen Recorder (JM)

HOSEY, Winfield Scott to SEXSON, Nancy, 20 Jan 1873 by William Hammonds(?) JP, Page 36 (DH)

WOOLSEY, John Johnson  to R. Milda RUTH,   Sept. 8, 1873 (HDW)

WATKINS, Elisha  of Cedar County in the state of Missouri and Elizabeth SHADE of Cedar County in the state of Missouri were joined by me together in Holy Matrimony on the second day of Nov. 1873 - J.W. Holloway.Witensses D.M.Watson & Elias Shade.  Recorder J.R. Owens(GW)

PYLE, Etna Maurice (b 9 Dec 1850, Cedar Co., MO) to Susan Lavina STANLEY (b 3 Jan 1854, Porter Co., IN) married 18 Nov 1873 by J F Lynn at the home of J F Lynn  (JP)

SHERWOOD, Charles to Decy E. HOLT,  28 Dec 1873.  (CS)

NEELY, Charles Daniel to. Elethear Bridgen SMITH, Oct 4, 1874-(N)

MARICLE, James T. to Frances EVANS, 6 Oct. 1874, Cedar County, MO --(CAW)

GILMORE, T.S. to Alsley LINDLEY - 11 Oct 1874 by John Y. KENNEDY, at his home (T.S. is actually Patrick Hamilton GILMORE and Alsley LINDLEY is actual Elsie Keziah LINDLEY as attested to in a court deposition filed in Probate Court on 16 Feb 1895.) Book B, Page 71

GRIFFIN, Thomas A. (of Polk Co.), Fannie ARMSTRONG, (of Dade Co), 5 Nov 1874. (KGS)

WAKEFIELD, C. L., (of Polk Co.)  to Y. FOX (of Polk Co.), 19 Nov 1874, Bk A. p 80 by Morris R. Mitchell, MG

ELDRED, Orson F.,  to Sarah Jane PHIPPS, July 2, 1876--(E)

BRUMFIELD,, William C. to  Decy E. SHERWOOD 24 Feb 1878  (CS)

PHIPPS, William B. to Sarah J. CONYERS, 17 Mar 1878--(Sheba)

ADDINGTON, Sarah C.  to George PAULK, Sept. 22, 1878-(N)

NEELY, Thomas C. to Mildred DODD, April 6, 1879-(N)

WATKINS, Elisha M. of El Dorado, Cedar Co., Missouri to Rachel TROYER, Virgil City, Cedar, Co., Missouri at the residence of the bride in said county, on the 14th of Feb. 1888 by an ordained Minister - A.T. Dyle  (GW)


G. W. WOLFE, md M M C HARRIS, married at the bride's house on the 4th of July 1880.  Book E. Pg 211 (NS)

WOLF, Emma  married Kenny PURSEFIELD (sp?). Dec 24, 1880, J.Davidson Filing date 30th of Dec. 1880 Book E. Pg ?  

HOSEY, James M. to HARLESS, Sarah A., 16 Jan. 1881 (DH)

CHISHOM, William to Cynthia Ann UNDERWOOD, 31 Aug 1882, Stockton, MO-(LCL)

UTTERBACK, H M to Salandia ROBERTSON, both of Jerico, on 14 Jan 1883, at the brides home. By Elder C Ingram.  (Note: Salandia's name was really Saluda Robinson). Book E, p 111.---(DB)

Nicholas Ganton (born Feb. 17, 1851 in Linn, Cedar Co.,
MO) and Mary Alice EAVES (born Feb. 26, 1861 in Omaha,
NE) were married in Linn, Cedar Co., MO on Mar. 14,1883.-(JIT)

CLARK, Loretta to Samuel P. DAVIS, Aug. 08, 1883--[FCD]

ELLINGTON, G. W. to Mary ODER, 8 Nov 1883--[SFE]

WAGGONER ,George Washington married Bertha C. JONES, July 27, 1884 (BW)

BARKER, Horace M. to Juda PHENIX, 15 Feb 1885, by James L. Farris J.P.--(CB)

DARBY, William to Mary WILLIAMS of El Dorado - 25 Apr 1886 by John F. Chiles, MG Book E, page 349 (PDS)

SUGGS, John Finley to Nancy J. BRYSON 2 Feb 1890,   Bk E, p. 179? (JG)

SUGGS, Squire Rice to Mary Maude WOODFORD  25 Aug 1890 in El Dorado Springs (DK)

WOOD,  George W to  Margaret M. BRYSON 16 Nov 1890,     Bk E, p. 238  (JG)

COLLINS, George F. md. Ettie YOUNGER, 12 Jan 1891, Stockton. Cir. Clk., Chas R. Church, minister, J. P. Adcock   (SG)

WOLFE, Albert E.  of Filley, md Martha E. McMILIN of Filley, Aug. 25, 1892, F. B. Henderfhot, MG. Filing Aug. 31, 1892.  Book E. Pg 376  (NS)

John Sylvester WOLFE of Filley, under age, married Laura Ann McMILIN of Filley, under age. Sept 4, 1892. in Filley, F. B. Henderfhot, MG. Filing Date: 11 Oct 1892 Book E Pg 379.  (NS)

Sallie Ann BRYSON to Daniel M. KENNEY, 20 Feb 1893--Bk E, p. 422  (JG)
Hugh Marshall BRYSON to Mary Ann KIRKSEY, 30 Oct 1895--Bk F, p. 158 (JG)

, William Benjamin  married Corda O`CONNOR in 1885--(CS)

SHARPE, Oscar Otto, TURNER, Pearl Eugenia, 8 Dec 1909, Family Bible  (LP)

DALE, Thomas A.  and Mary Louella "Lulu" DAVIS, Cert. License 12 Sep 1888
Father of bride gave consent (Mr. DAVIS did not sign his name) Cert. 19 Sep 1888
The Mayor of the City of El Dorado, County of Cedar. MO, did at the residence of the bride's parents did unite T.A. Dale and Miss M.L. Davis.   Signed: Geo. H. Simpson, Mayor  (PD)

ALLEN, Mr. John L. of Linn County, Kansas md Miss Jennie L. MOORE of  St. Clair County Missouri in Cedar County Missouri on 25 April 1892.  Witnesses:  W.M. Elliot and W.L Kizer(?). Signed by S.R. Crockett(?), Judge Probate, Cedar County.  (CA)

YANCEY, William L. to Emma M. HELM on 18 Oct 1893, by Jacob Lindley-(GHR)

ROBINSON, T. J. to Maria BANKER in Stockton Missouri 26 September 1900-(NW)

NEELY, James Edward to Iva Frances PARRISH, 8 Oct 1902-(N)

ADCOCK, William Henry to Mary Frances MARICAL, 18 Oct 1903 by S. L. Smith-(CAW)

HELM, George G. to Nellie G. YANCEY, 15 Nov 1903, by Jacob Lindley-(GHR)

REYNOLDS, Charles Edward to Addie Gertrude LEFFLER, 8 June 1904 by R.P. Rowland, Virgil City-(LH)                        

HELM, James W. to Bertha C. JONES on 26 Apr 1908 by M.A. Rowden-(GHR)

BENNER, Stanley to Beulah LOWE, El Dorado Springs Feb.23, 1913.--(SB2)    

NEELY, Lawrence Oliver Perry  to Elsie Nora WORTHINGTON, April 7, 1913(N)

NEELY, Reubin A.  to Vernie Ethel McMILLIAN, June 26, 1913-(N)

YORK, Everett Madison  married Naomi Hazel HAMMONS 08, 13, 1913--(CS)

COLLINS, L. R. to Celestea N. McCOY, Stockton, Mo., 7 Oct 1915, Circuit Clerk, M. D. Gurim; Pastor W. P. Wardell--(SG)

NEELY, Lawrence  to Zelma Ann SIMPSON, Mar. 20, 1916-(N)

NEELY, Robert Harrison  to Angeline Ethel REEVES, Sept 25,1916-(N)

NEELY, McKinley to Mamie Ethel MESSICK, Mar. 25, 1918-(N)

NEELY, Robert Harrison  to Angeline Ethel REEVES, Sept 25,1916-(N)

NEELY, McKinley  to Mamie Ethel MESSICK, Mar. 25, 1918-(N)

SMITH, William McKinley md Katie Kelcie Lorena Beeler, on 7 Feb 1920-(LBA)

BROWN, Charles William md Lee Iretta Florence BEELER, on 29 May 1928-(LBA)

WHITESELL, Milburn md Daisy Lee WILKERSON, on 30 Nov 1932--Bk L, p 134

HELM, James R. to Eula M. DILLSAVER on 4 June 1936--(GHR)

HESTAND, Carl D. md.Nellie Mary Lee SMITH on 30 Sep 1940 in El Dorado,
Cedar, Mo--(LBA)



Arthur S. Burford (ASB)

Bob Wagner  (BW)

Cindy Grant Atha, great granddaughter  (CA)
Charlene Adcock Weinrich (CAW)
Chris Barker       (CB)

Coleen Sullivan   (CS)

Dorothy Franks   (DB)

Dave Hosey    (DH)

David Kravetz (DK)

The Eldred's  (E)

Franki Clark Dickman  (FCD)

Fred Rose (FR)
Genia   (GHR)

Gary Ray (GR)

George Watkins  (GW)

Hollis Don Woolsey     (HDW)
IRCHESSER@cs.com   (IC)

mailto:nmama@pacificonline.net   (JC)

Jan Gerdts   (JG)

Jackie Ginn (JG2)wife of great-grandson of Ruel George and his second wife, Rosanna Hoffee.
Janice Irwin Termini (JIT)
Jill Pyle   (JP)

Julie Schossow (JS)

Joyce      (JW)
Kimberly Fackrell-great-great grandaughter of William & Mary Jane[KF]  

Kay Griffin Snow (KGS)

Kay Hubbard Thompson (KHT)

Kenneth Thornton  (KT)

Linda Harres  (LH) 
Louise Chism Langroodi      (LCL)
Lynette Butler  (LB)
Lewis H. Edwards   (LHE)

LaVonne Steward Parrish  (LSP)

Lee Price   (LP)

Lynn Sullivan  (LS)

Justin Neely    (N)

Neal Watson (NW)

Nora Seery (NS)

Mrs. Paul R. Dale  (PD)

Pat Darby Sanches  (PDS)

Richard Jenkins   (RJ)

Robert Vance Woods (RVW)

Shannon Birdwell  (SB)

Sharon Barrett  (SB2)

Sandra Freeman-Ellington (SFE)
Sherry Gilbert  (SG)
Sheba     (Sheba)

Susan Molye   (SM)

Sarah Morehead (SM-2)

Sue Smith   (SS)

14, June 1860  (VP) 

Juvanne Martin, CG  (JM)


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