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CHARLENE HOOK                                                          Thu May 8 19:03:07 1997
 What relation was SARAH HENSLEY, age 12 in the 1850 Cedar Co., Mo.,     Census to the LaFORCE family with whom she resided? Was Samuel LaForce's wife her much older sister? About 1856 SARAH HENSLEY married DANIEL ROARK, who was born in 1812--she was born in 1838. They had three children all still minors when DANIEL died during the Civil War and when SARAH died in 1867 in Nebraska. (Daniel had been married twice previously and had several other children) By 1870 the three minor children of DANIEL and SARAH are back in Polk Co., Mo., where son ALLEN THOMPSON LINCOLN ROARK is living with the family of WM. J. HENSLEY in Dwelling 264 in Looney Township. ALLEN is listed in the census only as ALLEN THOMPSON, but this is incorrect, as proven by several affidavits in the 1812 record of DANIEL ROARK. That child's name was: ALLEN THOMPSON LINCOLN ROARK The other two minor children were KIZZIAH JANE, b. 1858 in Benton Co., Ark., who married JOSEPH PITMAN, son of A. J. PITMAN. They resided in Polk Co. The other minor child was BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ROARK, who was b. 23 Jan. 1860 in the eastern part of Cedar Co., Mo. (pursuant to affidavit of the midwife who delivered him). He married 28 Feb. 1888 to MARTHA JANE WILEY, of Polk Co., daughter of JOHN WILEY and SUSAN ALICE TITUS, and granddaughter of ALEXANDER WILEY and LOUISIANA HOUSE. Very interested in the connection between the HENSLEYS and the LaFORCE families, but also work on and will assist anyone with the ROARKS or other families mentioned here.

Brenda Brewer                                                             Wed May 7 08:55:29 1997
    Seeking any information on Riley OVERTON b.1837 in Ind.He lived in Cedar Co.Mo.in 1900,1910,1920 and probably died between 1920/1910.Does anyone know who his parents  were?Riley was a brother to my great great grandfather Peter OVERTON b.1830 in Ind.Riley also had a Brother  Alexander OVERTON b.1832 in Indiana,Riley had two sister's Margaret OVERTON b.1825 in N.C.married Gilbert Budd they had 6 childern Docia Ann BUDD b.1847 Ind.,Joann BUDD b.1852 Ind.Mildred BUDD b.1850 Ind.,Martha BUDD b.1855 Ind.,William BUDD b.1857 IND.,Mary BUDD b.1859,IND. Caroline OVERTON was the other sister to Rley OVERTON she was b.1840 in Ind. RILEY OVERTON'S 1ST FAMILY:  Riley OVERTON 1st married in Vigo Co.Ind.on 3/7/1859 to Naomi WHITE b.1827 Ky.their childern were George OVERTON b.1851 Ind.,Mary OVERTON b.1860 Ind.,Ella OVERTON b.1862 Ind.,Edgar OVERTON B.1863 Ind.,William OVERTON b.1868 Ind.,Harry OVERTON b.1868 Ind. Riley OVERTON'S 2ND FAMILY: Riley OVERTON 2nd married after 1900 to Mary C.b.1881 MO.last name unknown they had 3 sons Alva OVERTON b.1901 MO.,George OVERTON b.1903 MO., Johnnie OVERTON b.1904 or 1905 Mo. Alexander OVERTON also moved to Mo.and was living in Hickory County city  of Weaubleau on the 1910 census.Riley OVERTON had a daughter-in-law named Mary last name unknown she was b.2/ /1879 ILL. In 1900 Riley still had his son William at home also the daughter in law Mary and a grandson Riley THOMPSON b.10/ /1880 or 1890 in MO.living with Riley OVERTON.  Riley OVERTON also had a nephew Pleasant OVERTON who moved to Taney   CO.Mo.Cedar Creek Twp.in 1900 census he had a son Archie OVERTON b.7/ /1889 Ind.Unable to locate Pleasant after 1900. If you have any information on these OVERTON'S Please E-MAIL ME AT brewer1@mail.gte.net.

Billy Strange                                                                       Wed May 7 11:21:21 1997

STRANGE-GROSS-STIGALL-RICKMAN-TRYON.   My ggrandfather John Calvin STRANGE was born in Cedar County, MO on March 18, 1853. Township unknown. He died June 22, 1925 in Blue Rapids, Marshall County, KS. His wife was Julia Ann STIGALL, born in KY in 1858. She died July 19, 1899. Location unknown. Julia Ann's parents were Calvin N STIGALL, born 1829, died 1863, and Edine RICKMAN, born Sep 13, 1833. Died Sep 26, 1910.  John Calvin's father was Rolan, or Roland STRANGE, born in Halifax County VA, July 26, 1826. He died Aug 22 1886. Location unknown. His wife was Matilda GROSS, born June 20, 1829. Location unknown.  She died Feb 16, 1886. Rolan(d)'s parents were Henry STRANGE, born about 1775. Location unknown. His mother was Elizabeth, born about 1780. No further information.    Any information concerning any of the above names would be greatly appreciated. I will be more than happy to reciprocate with any, and all information that I have gathered thus far regarding any of the above mentioned lines. I have quite a lot on hand.  Thanks in advance for your assistance. Billy Strange. E-mail me at (bsmg@bellsouth.net)

Stan Baker                                                                        Thu May 1 10:22:12 1997
Would like information on the following family if any available: Descendants of Joseph A BAKER - 1 May1997-------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. Joseph A BAKER was born on 10 Mar 1815 in VA. He was buried in Aug 1863 in Alder Cemetery, Stockton, Cedar, MO. He died on 19 Aug 1863 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO.
He was married to Julia Ann KEATON in 1840 in Roane, TN. Julia Ann  KEATON was born on 6 May 1822 in Rural Area, Roane, TN. She was buried in Sep 1872 in Alder Cemetery,
Stockton, Cedar, MO. She died on 17 Sep 1872 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. Joseph A BAKER and Julia Ann KEATON had the following children:  2 i. Mary E. BAKER was born about 1837 in Roane, TN. 3 ii. Sarah A. BAKER was born about 1839 in Roane, TN.
+4 iii. Margaret A. BAKER. 5 iv. Elijah M. BAKER was born about 1842 in Roane, TN. +6 v. Hannah Jane BAKER. +7 vi. Joseph A BAKER. 8 vii. William B. BAKER was born about 1850 in Roane, TN. +9 viii. Nancy M. BAKER. 10 ix. Eliza C. BAKER was born about 1855 in Cedar. 11 x. Rufus W. BAKER was born about 1856 in Cedar, MO. +12 xi. Martha Ann BAKER. +13 xii. James Monroe BAKER.  SECOND GENERATION  4. Margaret A. BAKER was born about 1840 in Roane, TN. She was married to John C BRICE on 9 Aug 1860 in Logan, Panola, TX. John C BRICE was born about 1835. Margaret A. BAKER and
John C BRICE had the following children:  14 i. Mary BRICE was born about 1862 in Logan, Panola, TX.  15 ii. Robert BRICE was born about 1864 in Logan, Panola, TX.  She was married to Henry HOWELL on 7 May 1873 in Logan, Panola, TX. Henry HOWELL was born about 1830. 6. Hannah Jane BAKER was born about 1844 in Roane, TN. She was buried
in Mar 1870 in Alder Cemetery, Stockton, Cedar, MO. She died on 8 Mar 1870 in Stockton, Cedar, MO. She was married to Marshall Hudson GIPSON on 10 Sep 1868 in Bear Creek,
Cedar, MO. Marshall Hudson GIPSON was born on 13 Jan 1850 in Stockton, Cedar, MO. Hannah Jane BAKER and Marshall Hudson GIPSON had the following children:  +16 i. William Ulysses GIPSON. 7. Joseph A BAKER was born on 3 May 1845 in Roane, TN. He was buried in Sep 1915 in Panola, TX. He died on 29 Sep 1915 in Panola, TX. He was
married to Louisa SIMMONS (daughter of John SIMMONS and Elizabeth  SMITH) on 2 Feb 1868 in Cedar, MO. Louisa SIMMONS was born about 1850 in MO. She died about 1877 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. She was buried about 1877 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. Joseph A BAKER and Louisa SIMMONS had the following children:  17 i. Melvina BAKER was born about 1869 in Stockton, Cedar, MO. 18 ii. Susan Ann BAKER was born about 1873 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. 19 iii. Dora BAKER was born about 1875 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO.
He was married to Georgia HUNT (daughter of G. W. HUNT and Susan HUNT) on 18 Jun 1880 in Logansport, DeSoto Parish, LA. Georgia HUNT was born on 14 Sep 1858 in AL. She was buried in Jan 1919 in Logan, Panola, TX. She died on 12 Jan 1919 in Logan, Panola, TX. She has reference number 49. Joseph A BAKER and Georgia HUNT had the following
children:  +20 i. Charlie Benjamin BAKER. +21 ii. Minnie Ada BAKER.  +22 iii. Ezeakiel Zeak BAKER.  +23 iv. Robert D. BAKER.  He was married to Leanar M. LADYTOO on 24 Jan 1876 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. Leanar M. LADYTOO was born about 1855 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO.  Joseph A BAKER and Leanar M. LADYTOO had the following children:
+24 i. Mollie BAKER. 9. Nancy M. BAKER was born about 1853 in Roane, TN.  She was married to John H UNDERWOOD on 5 Aug 1871 in Bear Creek, Cedar,  MO. John H UNDERWOOD was born about 1850 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. 12. Martha Ann BAKER was born on 22 Jul 1859 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. She died on 18 Mar 1938 in Coffeyville, Montgomery, KS. She was buried  on 20 Mar 1938 in Coffeyville Cemetery, Montgomery,
KS. She was married to Thomas Jefferson PHILLIPS (son of John Clemmons PHILLIPS and Aseneth JONES) on 19 Mar 1880 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. Thomas Jefferson PHILLIPS was born on 30 Oct 1853 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. He died on 24 Oct 1937 in Coffeyville, Montgomery, KS. He was buried on 26 Oct 1937 in Coffeyville Cemetery, Montgomery, KS. Martha  Ann BAKER and Thomas Jefferson PHILLIPS had the following children: +25 i. Ida Mabel PHILLIPS. 26 ii. Estell PHILLIPS was born in 1887 in Booneville, Cooper, MO.
+27 iii. Bertha Crie PHILLIPS. +28 iv. Lellah Eathel PHILLIPS. +29 v. Malcolm Arron PHILLIPS. +30 vi. Verah Blanche PHILLIPS.  +31 vii. Lerah Aseneth PHILLIPS. 32 viii. Lucian PHILLIPS was born in Jan 1897 in Ava, Douglas, MO. He died in 1899 in Ava, Douglas, MO. He was buried in 1899 in Ava, Douglas, MO. +33 ix. Loomis Elbridge Treat PHILLIPS. 34 x. Volley PHILLIPS was born on 28 Mar 1901 in Seymour, Webster, MO.
He died in Mar 1903 in Seymour, Webster, MO. He was buried in Mar 1903 in Seymour, Webster, MO. 13. James Monroe BAKER was born on 28 Mar 1860 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. He was buried in Apr 1926 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. He died on 10 Apr 1926 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. He was married to Martha Mahala PHILLIPS (daughter of Mathis PHILLIPS and Martha SIMMONS) on 15 Nov 1884 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. Martha Mahala PHILLIPS was born on 1 Oct 1866 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. She was buried
in Oct 1970 in Lindley Prairie Cemetery, Cedar, MO. She died on 10 Oct 1970 in Los Angeles, LA, CA. James Monroe BAKER and Martha Mahala PHILLIPS had the following children: 35 i. Naomi BAKER was born on 13 Jan 1886 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. She
died about 1960 in Denver, CO. She was buried about 1960 in Denver, CO.   +36 ii. Carlos
Mathis Shook BAKER  37 iii. LoDema BAKER was born on 5 Dec 1893 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. She was buried in May 1905 in Lindley Prairie Cemetery, Cedar, MO. She died on 15 May 1905 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. 38 iv. Lucille BAKER was born BET 22 JUL 1902 in Bear Creek, Cedar, MO. +39 v. Hattie Cleo BAKER.  40 vi. Byron Bron Damon BAKER was born on 6 Dec 1901 in Bear Creek,    Cedar, MO.

Lee Price                                                                        Thur  May 1 10:14:07  1997
 My father was born in El Dorado Springs in 1903. He was the son of Conrad Eugene Turner b. 1861 Oppeby, Ostrgt, Sweden and Elizabeth Catherine Jessup b. 1868 Knightstown, Henry, Indn. Also would like information on Oscar Otto Sharpe b. abt 1889 married Pearl Eugenia Turner. Oscar was raised by Nate Mitchell. I hope to hear from one of my cousins.

Kathy Hardin                                                                   Sat Apr 26  18:35:05 1997
-  I am searching for infomation on Joseph A. Roberts, b. abt.  1840/7 in Cedar County Missouri. According to his death certificate he was born in 1840 but according to a new-paper clipping in the Austin Statesman a few years back it was stated that he was born there and left a wife and came to Texas and married Henrietta Freitag in 1867 in Austin, Texas.

Cathy Taylor                                                                      Sun Apr 27 09:34:16 1997
 Am trying to trace the STEWARD and CARRICO families. They lived on neighboring farms in Vernon and/or Cedar counties. Family bible puts earliest member as Obediah S. Steward, b.January 12, 1854, m.December 5, 1875 to Nancy E., d.June 10, 1937. This is my great great grandfather and grandmother. They had 7 children. Cora Lee, Jasher N., Walter, Samuel P., Sarah E.(my great grandmother), Bertha, and Alfred. Sarah E. Steward b.July 13,1884, m.September 24,1900 to Oney Day Carrico, d.June 23,1973. They had 5 children. Ulric, Alberta, Adolph, Garold, Idoma(my grandmother). Any help would be appreciated. I am unable to get any farther than this.

Mary Bonsal                                                                        Tue Apr 22 15:32:37 1997
HILL/JENKIN: Will exchange information on the HILL family who came to Cedar Co. Mo., about 1843. Jesse HILL m. Jane G. JENKINS  1842 in Rhea Co. Tn and lived in Dade Co, Mo. Jesse HILL's father, John HILL left a will in Cedar Co. Mo in 1853. Jesse HILL had the following siblings: William C., Elgin G., Isabella BUSTER, dau m.SIMS, Polly Ann   WITTENBERG, Lucinda STEWART,  John W. HILL, Quinn M. HILL, Jane GALBREATH, Mariah BROYLES. All from Rhea County Tennessee. Will share.  Mary Bonsal, P.O. Box 1029, Mabank, Texas, 75147-1029. 903-887-0082. E-Mail: <rmbonsal@vzinet.com>; visit my Web Page- http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~mbonsal/hill/

Steve Lynn                                                                          Mon Apr 21 09:12:59 1997
  Need any information on Hugh Benjamin McWaters, born about 1846, who is listed in 1860 Cedar County census. Particularly need the name of his wife and children.

Susan Smith                                                                        Tue Apr 15  14:16:16 1997
  Evan Taylor b abt 1787 Wales, m Nancy Cline in 1824 in Ohio. Lvd Ohio, Kentucky &  Missouri. On 1850 census he is in Cedar Co, MO with ch Nancy, Evan, Margaret, Elizabeth &  Thomas. Married ch Mary (Sam) Sander, Sarah (John) Neely, William lvd nearby. Mary, Sarah, Evan Jr end up in Oregon. Any information appreciated.

Betty Pollick                                                                            Sun Apr 13  15:28:48 1997
;  Patience Shaw resided in Cedar co. in the 1850  Census.  She married James B. Crawford. Were her parents Andrew Shaw and  Alice/Althea Guinn?

Howard Harvey                                                                          Sun Apr 13 14:43:34 1997
WEBB    Looking for any information on Miles Webb 27m farmer b.MO  in the 1870 census of Cedar Co Mo.Wife Julia 25f, son, Chas D 4m and Wm 2m . Miles was son of Ellis Webb & Elizabeth Spurlock.

Cookie Carlson                                                                      Sat Apr 12 14:07:48 1997
   Looking for the LOVEALL family of Miller County MO. 1870    Census shows the following names: Abraham, Absalom, Andrew J, Benjamin F, Charles H, Jacob L,   Jacob, John, Jonathan, Nicholas, Silas, Solomon, Stephen, William S, and William.  I would appreciate information on any member of this family. I have records showing they lived in Johnson, Miller, Cedar, Franklin, and Morgan Counties in MO.

Gale Judkins                                                                       Thu Apr 10 16:13:08 1997
 Seeking information on and correspondence with descendants of John Reno and Belinda Belieu Reno, m. 1861 in Benton Co. AR. He was born in 1830 and she in 1840. They were on the 1880 census of Cedar Co. MO, living in the area of Jericho Springs.

Janice Bond (Ripley) Phillips                                                 Mon Apr 7 20:33:57 1997
Looking for any info on ALTIE NAVY O'NEAL, b. Dec. 3, 1880 in Cedar County, MO. She was the daughter of JASPER O'NEAL and wife PARALEE FERGUSON, marr. 1856 in Stone County, MO, who appear on the 1860 Census. ALTIE was the wife of MILLARD FILLMORE BOND (marr. Sept. 30, 1899 in
Aurora, Lawrence, MO), and the mother of Edna Bond Ripley, my grandmother. Any help appreciated!!!

Claudette Mullins                                                             Thu Apr 3 19:41:39 1997
- Thomas Saxton born 16 Jun 1892 Bear Creek Mo, father William Saxton and mother unknown. Thomas was my grandfather, he was I beleive the eldest of   4 boys. I am looking for information on the mother and grandparents of  Thomas.

Freda P. Summar                                                                     Wed Apr 2 11:11:00 1997

Looking for Thomas GILPIN, b. about 1811 in Ky. Married abt. 1831 in  Ohio, settled in Cedar Co., Mo. Died Mar. 14, 1883 in Cedar Co., Mo.  Need confirmation of Ash Grove Cemetary??  Wife, Catherine Hopkins (need info) may be burried there also.   10 children.......Looking for any decendant.

R. Barnett                                                                                   Mon Mar 31 07:27:05 1997

Looking for info on James Jefferson Fortney (1831-1913) & wife Dollie Elvina Cox (1832-1916) of Washington township, Cedar Co.,  MO. Looking for cemetery records, obituaries, probate.

Richard E. Six                                                                       Wed   Mar 19 23:22:40 1997
   Searching for descendants of Josiah SIX, b. 1840 in IL, Lucinda (Hope) SIX who lived in Jerico Springs after 1877 and are buried in Ana Edna Cemetary. Their children were: Lafayette (m. Mary CLARK 19 Aug 1892), William N. (m. Mary REYNOLDS 21 Nov 1892), Charles (m. Cora A. PRINTY 25 Oct 1893), Orra M. (m. M.R. McFALL 27 Oct 1893), Martha L. (m. James A. LANNING 11 Feb 1890), Nellie B. (m. O.B. SCOGGINS 27 Dec 1893), Mary A. (m. H.T. HEIFNER 10 Aug 1895) Clerie E, Josiah, and Cora C. SIX. Anyone  having information on this family, please contact Richard E. Six.  Willing to share information on Josiah's ancestors to 1656.

Richard E. Six                                                              Wed  Mar 19 23:47:01 1997
 Searching for descendants of John S. SIX, b. 1834 in IL, and Mary D.(Drummond) SIX who lived in Benton Twp, Cedar County after 1868. John and Mary are buried in Deardorff Cemetary near Jerico Springs. Their children were: Clara E., James D. (m. Susan L. Unknown ca. 1880), and Laura M. SIX (m. W.A. CHEEK 18 Jan 1890). After Mary's death in 1874, John married Martha SMITH(?). Their children were: Rhader and John F./Frank J. SIX. John SIX was a farmer near Jerico Springs. Anyone with information on this family, please contact Richard E. Six  (Sixpad@worldnet.att.net)

Jerri Chasteen                                                                       Sat Mar 8 09:42:58 1997
KIME-RYAN-BETHELL-BRUCE  Alfred KIME-RYAN: A real mystery family! We have a bible record showing the names, birth, marriage records of the Kime family who lived in Vernon Co MO at the beginning of the Civil War. Alfred KIME(s) married 12 Aug 1858 in Vernon Co MO to Leanner (Leanora), dau of William BETHELL and Margaret BRUCE. For some unknown reason, the entire family started using the name of RYAN between 1860/1870, and this name continued even through their  relocation to Indian Territory in 1892 and deaths in Oklahoma. Does anyone know any possible reason for this change of names? When Alfred KIME married Leanner BETHELL, he had other children;  (no sex indicated in bible records); C. E. (b/7 Jan 1852); W. R. (b/8 Sep 1854); and S. L. (b/2 Apr 1856). Alfred and Leanner's children were; Theadoshe Francis RYAN (b/24 Jul 1860); Margaret Ellen RYAN (b/30 May 1862); Averiler Easan RYAN (b/1 Dec 1865); and Nora Belle RYAN (b/12 Jun 1871). Nora Belle is the only member of this family that we have further information on; she married Perry Davis Lewellen. The Bethell had lived in Cedar Co.  Would be happy to share information.

 Betty Charlton                                                                Fri Mar 7  15:42:00 1997
Seeking info on Jesse STRATTON and his father, J. H. STRATTON who were known to be in Cedar and Vernon Counties in 1898.

Jerry McClure                                                               Thu Mar 6 22:12:24 1997
About 1855, following the death of her husband in Tennessee, Sarah (DALE) ALLEN moved to the Cane Hill area of Cedar Co. with her children: Rachel, Eliza, Elizabeth, Hamilton, Zeda and John. By that time, Rachel had married Alexander Campbell BENDER, whose father, Samuel BENDER was a doctor in Dade Co. Sarah was buried in 1872 in the Dale Cemetery at Cane Hill. I would like to exchange information about this family with any who are interested.

Darrel Myers                                                                  Sun Mar 2 14:16:19 1997
MILLER - CLAY - CLARK  James Miller, Cedar Co. Mo. M.(1) Elisabeth Clay, child: Nancy Margaret Miller, b. 5 Mar. 1841. Married Georg Mumford Clark, b. 3 Feb 1841. Married in Healdsburg Ca.. The Clarks were from Blue Springs Mo. &  moved to Ca. about 1852. Before  that the Clarks were from Patrick Co. Va. Need Information on this Miller family  in Mo.   Believe Nancy had a brother Clem that remained in Mo.

Phyllis Carpenter                                                          Sat    Mar 1 21:05:13 1997
 William A. TEAGUE his wife Mary (KITTS) TEAGUE and their children lived in Cedar County from about 1856 when he purchased property from his uncle John ROUTH until about 1863-64. In 1866 his property was sold for taxes. Their youngest child was born in Texas in 1864 but I can find no record of the family in 1870 or 80 census records. A daughter, Louisa TEAGUE married in Fannin County, TX in 1867 and in 1870 she and her husband, Ben POSEY, along with her brother William Henry TEAGUE and his wife Rebecca (ROUTH) TEAGUE are in Grayson County. In 1900 Mary TEAGUE is a widow and is living with her son, Isaac TEAGUE in Brown County, Texas. If anyone knows of this family's whereabouts in 1870-80 I would appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you,

 Ken L. Taylor                                                                  Wed Feb 19 19:14:32 1997

Looking for information on my ancestors: John Taylor b 1820 in La.,d 07 May 1891, bur in Cedar Co., Mo. m Susannah Emerson, b abt 1824 in Ill, d 07 May 1891.Issue: Henry, John W., Samuel Nathanael, James W., Sarah E. and Mary A. Thanks.   Ken L. Taylor

B.L.Speckels                                                                   Mon Feb 17  11:46:05 1997
HARTLEY - WALKER - UNDERWOOD - UTLEY - OWINGS   I am looking for the ancestors of James HARTLEY b.@1780 at Richmond Co.GA d.@1855 Cedar Co., MO. m.@1814 toElizabeth WALKER b.@1790, TN, d.@1835, Bond Co,IL. Any info on either set of parents would be much appreciated. I am also looking for the ancestors of John UNDERWOOD who married Jennie UTLEY. They were the parents of Enoch UNDERWOOD, b.@1802 SC, m.9 Dec 1830 to Sarah OWINGS, b.Feb 22,1802.

 Don Long                                                                       Mon Feb 10 15:01:32 1997
Two of my gg-grandfathers, Polemon Louden LONG, and John C. CAMPBELL came to the Cedar Co., MO and Vernon Co., MO area in the 1840's and 1850'. My g-grandfather, John Louden LONG married Mary Adaline CAMPBELL in Vernon Co. abt. 1867. My grandfather, Albert Harley LONG (b. 1869 in Virgil City, Vernon Co., MO; d. 1905 in Quincy, IL) was the oldest of their seven children. John CAMPBELL's father-in-law, and my ggg-grandfather, Alexander CLENDENIN also migrated to Montevallo Twp., Vernon Co. in the 1850's. His wife was Mary C. FRESHWATER CLENDENIN. John CAMPBELL's wife was Sarah E. CLENDENIN CAMPBELL. I believe John CAMPBELL and a brother-in-law, William CLENDENIN, were killed in a Civil War skirmish in the area. Some of my grandfather's syblings stayed in the Vernon Co. area, and may still have kin in the area. I would appreciate any information on the LONG, CLENDENIN, and CAMPBELL families.

 Paul Grisham                                                                 Sun Feb 9 12:10:00 1997
 I am trying to trace my mother's ancestors. My Grandmother's death certificate lists her father's birth  place as Stockton Missouri. Grandmother's name was NELLIE A. REYNOLDS and her father's name was WALTER REYNOLDS(born 22 July 1880). Walter Reynolds was married to BELL McMASTER (born 30 April 1880). Bell McMasters was born in Dadeville according to my Grandmother's death certificate. Walter's parents were WILLIAM REYNOLDS and RACHEL DANIELS. Bell's parents were EDWARD McMASTERS and MARY AMERSON. I will be
grateful for any infomation on the REYNOLDS, DANIELS, McMASTERS, and AMERSONS. Any information such as births or death certificates for William Reynolds, Rachel Daniels, Edward McMasters, or Mary Amerson will be greatly appreciated. Paul Grisham

Paul Grisham                                                                   Sat Feb 8 19:44:58 1997
REYNOLDS - DANIELS  Looking for pob and burial for my gggrandfather William Reynolds and my gggrandmother Rachel Daniels. My ggrandfathers (Walter Reynolds)death certificate lists his father's pob as Missouri. My Grandmother's (Nellie A. Wheeler Reynolds)death certificate lists Stockton Missouri as her father's (Walter Reynolds pob.) Nellie's death certificate lists Rachel Daniels pob as Dadeville Missouri.  Nellie A Reynolds pob Kansas City Kansas b - 9 July 1904 bur - Maple Hill Cem Kan City Kan Walter Reynolds  b - 22 July 1880 pob - Stockton Mo  bur - Maple Hills Cem Kan City Kan  William Reynolds b - ?  pob - Missouri?  bur - ?  Rachel Daniels b - ?  pob - Missouri?  bur - ? I would appreciate any information on my gggrandfather, William Reynolds and gggrandmother Rachel Daniels. Thanks.

Sue Sledd Springer                                                           Mon Jan 27 01:02:46 1997
SLEDD:  Please someone help me. Im looking for the decendents of James Frank Sledd.  He lived in Ceder County Mo in 1899. His only son Robert Lee Sledd was born in Stockton MO June 23, 1899. His wife was Della Mooreland Sledd born Jan.14,1866. I am told.

 Kristina Krause                                                 Fri Jan 31 16:59:37 1997
Looking for any information on the family of Mary Melvina Brown, b. 01 Jan 1890 in Filley, Cedar Co, MO. From information obtained from a copy of her application for a social security number, I learned the names of her parents as William Brown and Margrette Hopkins. She married Roy William Smith and together they had at least two daughters: Ardath Marie Smith and Faye Smith. Mary died somewhere in MO or KS in 1969. She is buried in Hosey Hill Cemetery in Weir, Cherokee Co, KS. Can anyone help me on this family?

Alinda M. Miller                                                             Sun Jan  19 09:41:28 1997
RUTER/RIETER/REEDER  Looking for info on Frederick W. RUTER/RIETER/REEDER and wife Mary Elizabeth. They immigrated from Germany prior to 1850, arriving in LA. Their oldest daughter was born in LA, Minnie. They were in Lafayette Co, MO in 1860. Known children: William, Minnie, Emma, John. John Henry Reeder married Isabell Jane Maslen, daughter of William Maslen and Melvina Shook and settled in Cedar Co, MO. Thanks

Jerry L. Taylor                                                                 Fri Jan 10 10:54:25 1997
Looking for information on John Taylor born about 1830 in ? died after 1900 in Cedar Co., Mo. Married to Martha Harbor may have had other marrages. Thomas Jefferson Taylor was their son b 11/27/1856

 Ronald J. Sortor                                                   Mon Jan 6 15:22:281997
SORTOR - SWAGGERTY - BERGMAN - ANDREWS - PRESTON  I am seeking information on the ancestors and descendants of John B. Sortor, b. 19 Nov 1848, d. 16 May 1925. John was employed as a farmer near Stockton, MO. The name of his first wife is unknown. They had one son: Norman. John's second wife was Sarah Ann Swaggerty. They had the following children: Eula Inez, b. 22 Mar 1900, d. 27 Jun 1900; Elmo H., b. 26 Jun 1902, d. 28 Feb 1902; Nannie Bell, b. 7 Nov 1905, m. _?_ Bergman; Shelton Finis, b. 11 May 1908; Bertie Mae, b. 24 Jun 1916, m. _?_ Andrews. In Oct 1980 Shelton Finis was living in California and Bertie Mae was living in Springfield, MO. John B. Sortor had the following siblings, also believed to have lived near Stockton, MO: Bill, Jim and Nan. Jim had a daughter named Minnie that was married to _?_ Preston. There is a Sortors Bluff located a few miles south of Stockton, MO that may have been named for members of this family. I have information on the Sortor family dating back to the early
1700's and allied families back to the early 1600's to share with fellow researchers.

 Sandra Boyse                                                                         Sun Dec 29  12:29:03 1996
GOTHARD - PERKINSON - WRIGHT - HUGHES - DELOZAR - DOTSON - FLEEMAN - BALL - BELCHER - BLAIR - MOORE   Seeking info &  descendants of JOHN GOTHARD born abt. 1802. Married  MARY (POLLY) PERKINSON. In 1850 was in Henry County, VA. In Cedar  County by 1860.
LOUISA P. b. Abt Nov 1836 m. JOHN E. DOTSON
LETHA A. b. 22 April 1838 never married
Any info about the above families would be appreciated.

 Brenda Marshall                                                                  Fri Dec 6 07:13:36 1996
CAUTHON - BURRESS - LENNOX - RENFRO - JOURDAN I am researching my family surname CAUTHON. William R. and Mary CAUTHON moved from Tennessee in and around Cedar County sometime in the early 1840's. They had six children David, James, Rebecca, Nancy, Elizabeth and Thomas. James married Eliza Ann BURRESS, Rebecca married Richard LENNOX, Nancy married James RENFRO, Elizabeth married Thoams JOURDAN and Thomas married Elizabeth ???.

Robert G. Ziegler                                                                     Mon Nov 11 1996
ESLINGER - Robert G. Ziegler, 144 Kirby St., Harrogate, TN 3772 rgziegler@centuryinter.net I need documentation of the following relationships. Any documentation that can be provided such as birth records, death records, etc. will be acceptable. I need a xerox copy and will reimburse any expenses if someone can get these for me. Thomas Lessley Eslinger born 6 October 1847 in Balm (Now Cedar Springs) MO, died 7 October 1916 in Cedar County, MO. I need proof that he is the son of Adam D. Eslinger who died 15 Jan 1872 in Cedar County, MO.

Dave Holiday                                                                        Thu Nov 7 1996
HOLLIDAY - KINKHAM - ORME - James C. HOLLIDAY m. Emmaline KINKHAM TX-Lamar 1867. In C1900-TX-Hunt he was b VA abt 1838; according to TX Confed Pension Application, he enlisted 1862 MO-Cedar C.S.A. A supporting affidavit by a John Wesley HOLLIDAY of TX-Taylor in 1903 (b. VA abt 1834, m. Nancy B. __) vouched for this. They were probably brothers. Another possible sibling was Jane Elizabeth HOLIDAY who m. Thomas ORME 1868, also in TX-Lamar. As a resident of TX-Hunt, she also swore in pension application about James' enlistment in Cedar County, Missouri. Does anyone know anything about these people or their parents?

Steven Williams                                                                               Mon Nov 4 1996
WILLIAMS - Trying to determine if a Britton WILLIAMS appears in the 1830 or 1840 Census for Cedar County. Have a reference to a son, Silas WILLIAMS who died in Oregon in 1920 and am trying to track downparentage.

Larry Noah,                                                                       Wed Oct 30 10:27:11 1996
SIMMONS:   Seeking info on ancestors of Lawrence Hobert SIMMONS. born 13 Sep 1897 in Stockton, Cedar Co., MO. Married same place 25 Sep 1924. Died same place 21 Jun 1960.

Shirley Dunaway Vachon                                                        Wed Oct 23 1996
DUNAWAY - TUCKER:  Looking for information on Robert L.W. Dunaway who Married Mary Belle Tucker in Hickory County in 1876.  They eventually had 5 offsprings. Launa Jane, Miaura Arch, Geneviev Viola, Margarette Francis and Ira Lee. Born from 1881-1889. Robert had 2 other brothers William and Ellis\E.J. Dunaway.  Robert was a Free Will Baptist Circuit preacher. Thanks for your help  and BigAndy@aol.com can also be e-mailed (Andrew N. Dunaway) This family  was in these counties: Dallas, Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Newton, and Laclede

Robert Vance Woods                                                         Thu Sep 26 1996
NOBLITT:  Seneca Stephen Noblitt returned to Missouri from Texas during the Civil War in 1863. He died there and is buried at Gum Springs in Cedar Co. Some of his children went back to Texas in the 1870's.  Some stayed in Cedar Co. Do you know of any Noblitts in Cedar Co.?

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