Samuel Tilden Stark and Effie Elizabeth Baxter

Married May 20, 1903 in Eldorado Springs, Missouri




They moved to Wyoming in the early 1900's. Sam and Effie homesteaded a ranch at Silver Creek east of Boulder, Wyoming. They moved there with their 3 small daughters. Sam taught school and worked the ranch. Effie was busy raising the children. They had 2 sons at Silver Creek. About 1918 they moved to Rock Springs so the girls could go to high school in Rock Springs. Sam continued to teach in Rock Springs. He also began to sale insurance and real estate. They keep their ranch at Silver Creek. In January of 1920 their 2 sons died from the influenza. In February of 1921 they had another son. Sometime in the mid 1930's they bought another ranch outside of Boulder, Wyoming. They moved back to this ranch. Sam continued to ranch and sale real estate. Effie became involved with the social circle of Boulder and Pinedale. Their son Ernest graduated from Pinedale high school in 1939. Sam and Effie continued to live on the Boulder ranch until 1950. They moved to a ranch south of Lander, Wyoming later that year. They later moved in to Lander and had a boarding home. Effie died 1959 and Sam died in 1966.


If you want to know more about Sam and Effie you can go to Pull down the search tab and do a search on Wyoming.  Click on the Wyoming newspaper archives of the Pinedale Roundup. I have found them as early as 1908 thur 1959. This was a local paper that was published weekly, so you find them almost every week during this period.


I also find Sam on the 1900 US census living in Virgil township in Vernon County with his parents James W. and Amanda M. Stark. This shows that he was a school teacher for the county.   

               NOTE***If you look at this page your will see that it was taken June 9, 1900. If you look at who the person that was taking down the information on this census you will find that Sam was the enumerator.


These notes where wrote by their grandson Dale H. Stark

Dated July 25, 2009