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  Can you identify the men in this photo?

Submitted by Ken Fortney     <fortney  / at \>        


"I have a copy of this photo.  It belonged to my grandfather, Charley Groves.  He is the third man from the left on the bottom row.  My grandmother Lily Baxter Groves labeled the back of the photo from memory sometime in the 1970s.  She wrote: “A group of men who helped a sick neighbor shuck corn with Tom Smith, Charley (Groves) and Vinnie Smith in front and Bob Preston, Marion Fain and Jim Eason in back”.  I think all of these men lived two or three miles north-northwest of Filley.  The photo was probably taken around 1910, plus or minus two or three years."

genewalden/ at \


   El Dorado Springs Park     Reverse side of park photo

Submitted by: 

Sara Grimes McBeth <saramcb> From Mora Peal Parker's Album

   Pool table                Reverse side of pool table photo

Sara Grimes McBeth <saramcb> From Mora Peal Parker's Album

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Do you recognize any of the men in the picture?  Also, take a look at the door way, where are they?  The man under the arrow, has been identified as, Wm. Rufus Snyder, (Sr.)/ W. R/Will Snyder.  The man on the front row in the center has been identified as, James Knox Polk Williams


  This man is identified as, Will Snyder


                                James Knox Polk Williams

Anyone have any idea who any of the gentlemen above may be?

Photos contributed by: David Ellison  <dhellison>

  This photo is labeled "the Berlin Group, El Dorado Spgs. 1911", submitted by: Diannia Mitchell   dmitchel  If you know these people please let us know.


This photo was taken in front of the home of James A. (b 1871) and Alice Louisa (b 1873) Worley.  James and Alice are (we believe) in the photo.  Can you help us to identify any of the people pictured here?  Submitted by: Sue Starr  tomstarr 


Found among others in Charley Steward's possessions.   Submitted by: EvieJo1 ,  if you can identify this family, she would love to hear from you.

  Asa McClellan Hartley             George W. Hartley

Sons of Margretta G. DeLozier & James Hartley III


Margretta G. DeLozier and James Hartley III     

Margretta DeLozier Hartley & children

   Jane W. Hartley, Mother of James Hartley III

Submitted by:  Dianne Erwin  <erwin1>



boys.jpg (53320 bytes)  PHOTO #1....HARTLEY ??

girl.jpg (74391 bytes) PHOTO #2

hartley.jpg (51540 bytes) PHOTO #3....HARTLEY??

  PHOTO #4, on the back,  April 1, 1918 taken on Wed. at Fred Rosenbaum dinner in Stockton, MO 

L to R

1. Mae (Wood) Peters; 2. unk.; 3. unk.; 4. unk.; 5. Mae (Rosenbaum) Gorman; 6. Fred Rosenbaum; 7. Alma Trent; 8. unk.; 9 Dulaci (Peach) Rosenbaum; 10. unk.; 11. unk.  Thanks to Mark R.   

Photos submitted by Sherry Gilbert <sgilbert>

If you know anyone in the pictures please let us know, Thanks

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