Registered List of VOTERS in Cedar Co., Mo.

For the year 1868

(Southwest Tribune, Oct 9, 1868)



To be a “registered” voter in 1868 Missouri, a

man had to also be a “qualified” voter. To be a

qualified voter, he had to take an oath that he’d

“always been truly and loyally on the side of the

United States against all enemies thereof, foreign

and domestic.” The oath also had a passage

about future allegiance.


When you see that a voter had been objected to,

someone was questioning his allegiance to the

Union. Having to be a qualified voter was meant

to keep ex-Confederate soldiers or rebel

sympathizers from voting. Therefore, not finding

your ancestor on the following voter list is not

proof that he wasn’t living in Cedar County in



Boyer,  Joseph
Briston,   Edward, Jr.
Bristow, William
Bufford, Benjamin F.
Bufford, Preston N.
Buster, Charles E.
Childe, Tandy C.
Copeland, Miles C.
Copeland, James N.
Davidson, James G.
Davidson, William C.
Deavers, David W.
Dillain, James
Dye, Samuel
Eaves, George K.
Eaves, William F.
Floyd, David P.
Fortney, James J.
Fouts, John
George, Andrew L.
Haines, James B.
Hance, Issac H.
Hance, Crow
Harless, James T.
Harless, Jacob P.
Harless, John A.
Harless, Jasper
Harless, William R.
Harper, John F.
Harper, Samuel B.
Hartman, Jacob
Hix, Wiley
Hopkins, Thomas B.
Hopkins, Hugh C.
Hopper, William C.
Horn, Francis H.
Hornbeck, Jackson
Hornbeck, Samuel
Hornbeck, John F
Hubbard, Henry
Jenkins, Joes
Jenkins, Wiley S.
Keans, Thomas
Kenney, John A.
Kenney, Allan B.
Kenney, Thomas D.
Leaming, Edwin R.
Leavitt, Eldridge, J
Leavitt, William T.
Ledbetter, Joseph C.
Lunsdy, Jacob Q.
Mann, Bender
Moore, John
Moore, Andrew J.
Newman, William __
Panker, James R.
Parish, Meredith
Phelps, Harvey
Powel, Green L., Sen.
Powel, Elijah
Price, John N.
Raines, Jeremiah
Rains, David D.
Ralson, Thomas H.
Rhodes, William
Roberds, John
Samsel, E.
Samsel, William T.
Shicks, Austin
Simeral, Samuel
Simeral, John C.
Simmeral, Alexander
Smith, Thomas A.
Snell, William
Stacey, Levi
Stocklin, James
Swett, Samuel
Terrel, William
Tilman, Thomas
Upton, John
Vinson, John E.
West, Samuel T.
(End of Washington Twp.)

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