Memorial Day At The Cemetery

The grass has been freshly mown,

Around the trees and the tombstones,

In villages, towns and cities, all over the USA,

As people gather at cemeteries on Memorial Day.

Friends and relatives stand, as Taps is played,

Watching the ceremony while resting in the shade;

Their time to reminisce about those who have died,

And remembering them with tears in their eyes.

White crosses point toward the sky,

While on Memorial Day, our Nation's Flags fly,

Honoring those who served, here and overseas;

Our military men and women, keeping us free.

A child cries at the grave of her brother,

Parents who lost a baby, comfort each other.

Flowers are lovingly and carefully placed,

Around the graves or in a vase.

 Friends and relatives visit as they decorate,

And exchange old stories about Grandpa Nate,

Around the Tombstones standing in a row,

Reminders of our ancestors of long ago.

Bonnie Johnson, July 1998 

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Stockton City Cemetery Photos 

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Lindley Prairie Cemetery Photos

Anna Edna Cemetery, Jerico Springs Benton Twp. Click here for photo

Bethel Cemetery, Hwy. 245, Madison Twp.

Brasher Cemetery  Benton Twp. 

Ben Marshall, & Connaway cemeteries in Madison Twp.<<Photos>>

Clintonville Cemetery      Surnames A to L  &  Surnames M to Z     Pictures, lots of pictures

El Dorado Springs Cemetery  <-- Pictures

French Cemetery  Private Property

Greenfield Cemetery  BentonTwp.   Click here for Photos   View #2

Gum Springs Cemetery   Linn Twp.

Hackleman Cemetery   < Photo

Hartley Cemetery  Masters, Madison Twp. including Genealogy Information  (Complete)

Herriman Chapel Cemetery  Cedar Twp.  < Photo

Keech & Trent Cemetery   <--pictures

Moore Catholic Cemetery

Oldham Cemetery Sign

Omer Cemetery   Linn Twp.  <<{[Picture}]

Pankey Cemetery Linn Twp.  (Complete)  <<{[Picture}]

Ross Cemetery  [Pictures]

Stone Cemetery    (Complete)  <<Pictures

Walnut Grove in Benton Twp.  3 pages>>  A-G   H-M  N-Z

Wright Cemetery

Cemetery Page 2    Cedar Gap, Hopewell, Wagoner & Younger <<{[Photos}] Cemeteries.

Cemetery Page 3    Caplinger Mills; Hickory Grove; Old Union;  <<{[Photo}]

Cemetery Page 4    Martin; White Hall; Craven; Sutherlin;

Cemetery Page 5  
Hopewell;  Hunter-O'Connor; Noffsinger;  Liberty;  Simrell;

Cemetery Page 6   Hazel Dell; Herriman Chapel; Love;  Lebeck Cemetery -  Photos   Mound;  Tennessee Chapel

Cemetery Page 7   Alder .. A - N  ||  M - Z   <<Pictures

Cemetery Page 8   Brasher; Deardorff; Hall; Greenfield; Sandridge; Mt. Zion|Photo Greenfield/Mt.Zion

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Ben Marshall & Connaway Cemeteries

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